Young Works as a Farmer to Raise Funds to Get a B. Tech Degree


Mahakalpara: It is rightly said, where there is a will, there is a way. A glaring example is Toofan Manna, a Betabelari youth from the Baulakani panchayat under the Mahakalpara block of Kendrapara district. Toofan’s dedication and hard work in pursuing B. Tech is second to none.

After living in penury for years and facing countless hardships in life, hard times could not distract Toofan Manna from his aspirations. Fighting against the odds, Toofan took up farming to fund his B. Tech degree and become an engineer in the future. At a tender age, the youngster became an example for several others who remain idle and continue to cry for a job.

Toofan is Goutam Manna’s eldest son. Coming from a sub-poverty background, Toofan’s father could only support ambitious youngsters through school with great difficulty. Being a good student, Toofan managed to land a place in an engineering school. He is pursuing his B.Tech studies in a private college in Bhubaneswar and is a final year student.

But, it was impossible for his father to help him continue his studies. But, Toofan decided to create his own future and not burden his father. He took a plot of farmland four kilometers from his home in Kiabaria and started farming. He laid day and night in farmland and studied at the same time. Even though it is an unirrigated farmland, he has grown lady finger, eggplant, beans, corn, sunflower, tomato, chili and many other vegetables.

He irrigated the crops by pumping water up from a nearby stream. He sells the produce at nearby markets in Ramanagar, Chhapali, Benakandha and Jagarijora every day.

“I have to pay Rs 80,000 for fees after opening my college. The lion’s share of income is kept as savings for my education and a small part is spent on household expenses,” the youngster said. Toofan’s story is an inspiration to young people who dream big in life.


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