Write your name in gold, sign the electoral law, says ADP to Buhari


The National Chairman of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) urged President Muhammadu Buhari to push back pressure from some heads of his All Progressives Congress (APC) government not to sign the bill amending the 2010 electoral law ‘it was adopted by both chambers of the National Assembly.

Verifications have revealed that the adoption of the direct Primary by the National Assembly as the only option for the emergence of candidates for the next general election has since polarized the APC into camps.

Further investigation revealed that the main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) continued to reject the resolution which limits the choice available to political parties to present their candidates.

But speaking to reporters on Monday at the ADP national secretariat in Abuja, its national president, Yusuf Yabagi Sani, warned President Buhari not to falter under the pressure, revealing that the “next party congresses will be held. using direct primaries to teach the so-called big holidays a lesson.

Engineer Sani argued that giving Presidential assent to the bill as passed by the National Assembly would endear President Buhari to Nigerians as a sincere Democrat.

According to the chairman of the ADP, at the end of the mission of the committee which is expected to inaugurate a dynamic new national executive member and leaders at the state and local government levels, the ADP would have made another powerful statement projecting him as a genuinely democratic party which defends and respects the principles of democracy

He said, “The inauguration of the national convention planning committee of our great party marks another milestone in the history of the party. This is an important step because it is the last of the non-elective convention as well as the convention that will put in place leaders who will run the affairs of our political party on the eve and until the crucial general elections of 2023.

“Therefore and in view of the immense responsibilities that the committee is supposed to fulfill, the national leadership of the party has carefully ensured that the members are persons of integrity, showing commitment and loyalty to the party. So I am very confident that we will achieve the desired goals at the end of the day.

“The forward task includes overseeing the conduct of congresses of non-elective voting unit congresses across local government quarters, the senatorial district, state and zone, non-elective. Culminating at the national convention.

“The committee will work within the guidelines prepared to ensure compliance with the ADP constitutions, the 2010 electoral law as amended, and the INEC regulations and guidelines for the conduct of congresses of political parties and the national convention.

“For example, while other parties in particular, the so-called big parties, fear and protest against the inclusion of electronic transmission of election results and compulsory direct primary elections by political parties in the internal mechanism of selection of their flag bearers. , the ADP, on the other hand, celebrated what for us are progressive and revolutionary innovations in the nation’s electoral process.

“Unless for people who find it difficult to shake off old systems that give them the latitude to manipulate elections by rigging and denying voters their basic rights to choose those who emerge as their political leaders, direct primary elections and the electronic transmission of election results should be seen as an effective panacea to the myriad of crises which have hampered and delayed the holding of free and fair elections in Nigeria.

“Therefore, the ADP hereby reiterates its repeated and vehement demand that the reforms contained in the National Assembly amendment bill and now before the President for assent be implemented to see the light of day.

“On the above note, the ADP calls on President Mohammed Buhari to strive to imprint his name in the goals in the annals of Nigeria’s political and democratic advancement. The President must challenge and resist the machinations, manipulations and obscurations of the hawks who pass themselves off as his assistants are, in reality, his enemies who do not sincerely wish him good luck. “


FALSE! Yoruba is not an official language in Brazil

Claim: A national newspaper and several online platforms claim that Brazil has adopted Yoruba as an official language and that the language will be included in the curricula of primary and secondary schools.

Verdict: The claim is false. The content of the article published by these online platforms is not new; it has been put back into circulation several times and has been debunked. Write your name in gold, sign the electoral law, says ADP to Buhari

Write your name in gold, sign the electoral law, says ADP to Buhari

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