Worley, ABB and IBM sign memorandum of understanding on green hydrogen


Worley, ABB and IBM have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate to help energy companies build large-scale green hydrogen facilities.

The planned three-party collaboration aims to develop an integrated, digital solution that enables facility owners to build green hydrogen assets faster, cheaper and safer, and operate them more efficiently.

While many industries are keen to invest in green hydrogen, high production costs are a barrier to market adoption and scale-up compared to natural gas or blue hydrogen. In addition, generation facilities require an accessible and abundant supply of renewable energy. This collaboration aims to help customers meet these challenges by developing technologies and reducing production costs to enable green hydrogen to be used more widely.

As part of this collaboration, Worley will provide engineering, procurement and construction expertise at all stages of the project; ABB will provide offers for electrical infrastructure, automation, digitization and optimization of operations and energy management; and IBM will provide expertise in systems integration services, as well as infrastructure and data management solutions. Together they will provide operations and maintenance services, leveraging their combined digital expertise.

“This collaboration aims to make net zero solutions a reality,” said Chris Gill, senior vice president of low-carbon hydrogen at Worley. “It will build on key learnings from our game-changing solution From ambition to reality article, written in collaboration with Princeton University, USA. By accelerating and standardizing how we design, engineer and operate, this collaboration should reduce the levelized cost of green hydrogen and help our customers further decarbonize their operations. »

Bruno Roche, vice president of energy transition at ABB Energy Industries, said hydrogen is key to decarbonising a range of hard-to-scale industries.

“Complementing our partners with our electrification, automation and digital solutions, we will aim to reduce production costs through smart, safe and sustainable operations,” he said.

Zahid ‘Z’ Habib, Vice President, Global Energy and Resources Industry Leader, IBM Consulting, said that while many industries have been able to adopt wind and solar to help decarbonize operations, energy-intensive industries, such as petrochemicals, cement and steel, need the heat and combustion temperatures that cannot be achieved with these renewable energies.

“Green hydrogen can help meet these distinct needs in a more scalable sustainable way,” he said. “IBM’s collaboration with Worley and ABB aims to address these challenges by combining the three companies’ expertise and solutions into a distinct ecosystem of industry leaders to help form a repeatable process for building, operating and managing green hydrogen facilities. We believe this type of collaboration is key to achieving decarbonization goals.”

The contemplated relationship is subject to the conclusion of definitive agreements between the parties.

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