Why even on 93-degree days few people go to Bloomfield’s pool


BLOOMFIELD – If you put Bloomfield Municipal Pool in the navigation app on your phone, you probably won’t end up in a pool.

Your likely destination is Carmen Arace Middle and Middle School, which has a sign with arrows to point you in different directions. None of the arrows point to a swimming pool.

Beyond the school, to the right behind the playground and a fenced construction area is the Bloomfield Municipal Pool, which Deputy Director of Recreation Services Matthew Mace says is literally and figuratively a “gem hidden” from the city.

“I hear most often that most people don’t know we have a pool in town,” Mace said. “Managing the swimming pool is a bit disappointing to hear.”

Aside from City Camp, who regularly come to the pool, there were only about five other people by the pool as temperatures topped 90 degrees Thursday afternoon. There were 11 cars in the parking lot and about six staff on duty at the time.

Once camp left, lifeguards and other pool staff expected it to be a little quiet before picking up a bit when family swimming happens later in the afternoon.

“We put it in the Come Out and Play brochure (pamphlet) and on the website and there will be people coming who will have this information, but other than that I don’t really know,” the lifeguard said. in Chief Jessica St. Armand. . “All the kids at camp come, so you’d think they would tell their parents and friends about it. But it’s a recurring thing that people ignore.”

Jordan Giroux, pool maintenance and facilities manager, said a single sign, even a temporary one for the summer months, would make a difference.

“On Park Avenue, the sign would attract a lot of traffic,” Giroux said. “It would make a difference.”

There are about 15-20 lifeguards on staff at Bloomfield. Xavier Phillips has been a lifeguard at the Bloomfield Municipal Pool for five years, and he said while some days are busier than others, it’s never crowded like the pools he grew up in in West Hartford.

Although this year’s totals have yet to be tallied, last summer saw 950 visits in June, 3,520 in July and 2,570 in August. Mace said many of those visitors could have been campers or single patrons who visit the pool multiple times.

“Best attended in the evening between swimming lessons and family swimming,” Mace said.

The pool was built in the 1960s as an Army Corp of Engineers project, but has since been renovated. The pool has swimming lanes and open swimming areas.

The construction site further hiding the pool from view will soon host a new paddling pool. Giroux said workers expected to start pouring concrete soon.

The outdoor swimming pool is open from June to August. Mace said the conversation about an indoor pool for the city has been brought up a number of times, but isn’t planned at this time.

“It would allow us to do year-round swimming lessons and build a swim team and support that with high school,” Mace said.

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