Which Abandonment Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Content Warning: This article contains references to sexual assault.

With rumors that The stall could get a season 2, with Amanda Seyfried already on board to reprise her role as Elizabeth Holmes (via Vanity Fair), it’s safe to say that this podcast-turned-TV series has proven to be a hit with fans. Not only were true crime buffs captivated by the plot, but several of the characters captured everyone’s attention as well.

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The stall the characters are complicated and the zodiac can help to understand how certain people are motivated to do the things they have done. Some signs are more aligned with business acumen, while others might have the creative aptitude that supports more dominant personalities.

Lorraine Fuisz – Aries

An image of Mary Lynn smiling in Brooklyn 99 and the Aries logo

Lorraine is an extremely social and outgoing housewife when introduced in the first episode. She always goes the extra mile to connect and be honest about what she can do for others (although sometimes her compassion for the outcomes of those around her is understated).

While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which zodiac sign she best matches, some fans might argue that the Aries archetype is the best because they love bringing people together. This sign is also characterized by initiative and courage, and Lorraine was not afraid to be opinionated or bold.

Tyler Shultz – Bull

A split image of Tyler Shultz looking serious in The Dropout and the Taurus logo

Tyler Shultz is an admirable, down-to-earth character. His grandfather gets him a job at Theranos, so his eventual betrayal carries a lot of weight. Tyler is a bit aloof at first, but ultimately adamant in his choice to use his privilege for a good cause.

The Taurus archetype longs for peace, balance with nature, and pleasure. Tyler may have been a little naive and hesitant at first, but his loyal and determined nature eventually leads him to do the right thing.

Sunny Balwani – Gemini

A separate image of Sunny and the Gemini logo

Geminis are adaptable, intelligent and versatile. They represent the dual energies and as an air sign they can easily identify the big picture of any situation. A Gemini can also read a situation well and act quickly to solve a problem. Maybe that’s why Sunny fits so well in this sign.

Having previously founded and sold his latest business, Sunny also embodies the social dominance and tenacity of a typical Gemini. His passion is unwavering, however, viewers see him do some pretty terrible things.

Phyllis Gardner – Cancer

A split image of Phyllis and the cancer symbol

A professor at Stanford Medical School, Dr. Phyllis Gardner is extremely passionate about her work and cares deeply about her subject of expertise. It is ultimately Gardner’s quote to the reporter, Carreyrou, that helps expose Holmes for his questionable business practices.

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Cancers are known as “the nurturers” of the zodiac. They often dedicate their lives to the well-being of others and, as water signs, are extremely deep and emotionally connected. Cancers can be stereotyped as overly emotional, but Phyllis exemplifies how their intuitive and compassionate nature allows them to be unwavering in their beliefs.

David Boies – Leo

A split image of David Boise and the zodiac symbol Leo

David Boies is an attorney known for representing disgraced Hollywood executive Al Gore and Theranos. His intimidating attitude makes him excellent at his job, and it’s no surprise that he’s a well-known prosecutor in his industry.

Leos are fire signs who like to be the center of attention. Known as “performers,” they might have a zest for drama and acting, which goes perfectly with this famous lawyer character. David leans into his ego and his desire to win, which makes him the best example of a Leo in this group.

Noel Holmes – Virgo

A split image of Noel Holmes and the Virgo symbol

Elizabeth’s mother plays a vital role in her daughter’s decision to drop out of Stanford and pursue her dreams. After Elizabeth confides in her mother about her sexual assault, Holmes does her best to assure her daughter that her hurt doesn’t have to define her and tries to help her through this difficult time.

As Zodiac Healers, Virgos are extremely communicative and organized in their approach to emotional work. While Holmes might be willing to ignore her daughter’s fraudulent practices, like a Virgo, her endless support comes from a desire to protect.

Erika Cheung – Libra

A split image of Erika Chung with her arms crossed and the sign of Libra

Erika Cheung is one of the brave employees whose actions led to the downfall of Theranos. While she struggles to put her name to what will ultimately help the feds get involved in regulating Theranos, her desire for justice is what makes her such a great representation of a Libra.

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Libras are the sign of balance, hence the image of the scales. Also known as a diplomat, a Libra craves grace and can be very persuasive. Erika is stubborn in her decision to do something about what she sees in Theranos and her ability to aim for what is right embodies the best traits of this sign.

Rakesh Madhava – Scorpio

A split image of Rakesh and the Scorpio sign

Scorpio is the sternest of the water signs and Rakesh is a pretty intense and intelligent biochemical engineer. He spends a lot of time ignoring Theranos’ problems, probably due to the respect he has for Holmes’ ambition. Over time, he makes a strong decision to leave the company and end his complacency.

It is extremely appropriate for Rakesh that the Scorpions are known as “The Alchemists”. They are generally concerned with unraveling the mysteries of life, while proving themselves quite mysterious. It was hard to tell if Rekesh would compromise his morals, but in typical Scorpio fashion, he didn’t mind exposing his soft side when it came to acknowledging his bad deeds.

Richard Fuisz – Sagittarius

An image of Richard Fuisz and the sign of Sagittarius

Richard has the confidence and goal orientation of a Sagittarius. He is also disrespected by the Holmes family and many of his peers. Although he has helped them when needed, he is treated as a second-class citizen because his business is not deemed moral enough for the family involved in Enron. and one of the biggest scams in tech history.

Sagittarians care about their accomplishments, and Richard makes it his mission to pursue Elizabeth and eliminate her extremely fraudulent and dangerous business. Sags are known for their ambition, need for exploration, and intellectual pursuit of principle and law, so it makes sense that he would appear central to the downfall of Holmes and Theranos.

Edmond Ku – Capricorn

A split image of Edmond Ku and the sign of Capricorn

The Capricorn spirit is one of integrity and achievement through organized effort. Edmond Ku is a fictional character created behind the scenes, but he replaces the many engineers who unwittingly became part of Holmes’ scam. It’s never easy for him to stand behind Holmes’ lies and he easily breaks under pressure to follow through on his deception.

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Ku exemplifies the organization and maturity Capricorns can achieve when they overcome their karmic debts and take responsibility for their actions. Caps are usually pretty status-conscious people, so it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to jeopardize his future by continually lying for Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes – Aquarius

A split image of Elizabeth Holmes and the sign of Aquarius

Not all Aquarians are relentless liars, but they are known to be innovators who blaze their own trail. Elizabeth’s father was a successful vice president at Enron before it fell into similar circumstances to his own company. Since childhood, she wanted to be a billionaire, and it’s a shame she didn’t think she actually needed a working product to do so.

Elizabeth is an extreme version of an Aquarius, whose archetype is most associated with “The Maverick”. Distinguished by their ability to stop at nothing to move forward, Elizabeth’s narcissism isn’t exactly in alignment with Aquarius nature, but her ambition and desire to help people are.

Ian Gibbons – Pisces

A split image of Ian Gibbons and the sign of Pisces

Ian’s trajectory is heartbreaking and that’s because he’s probably the only innocent person in this story. It’s hard to watch him get pushed out of a company he was integral to starting. His inability to resist cruelty truly exemplifies the self-sacrificing tendencies of Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of dreams, fantasy and deep feelings. Ian is overwhelmed by the amoral characters around him. Pisces is naturally empathetic, so it’s possible he tried to see the good in the company for as long as he could.

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