Wexford County Council said automatic bollards were impossible, despite being key to the approval of the €1million Monck Street project


WHEN Wexford Borough District members approved the million-euro works that will lead to Monck Street being pedestrianised, a key condition was that an access problem in North Main Street be resolved.

een to ensure Main Street businesses would still have access for deliveries etc, councilors were told that automated bollards at the junction with Lower George’s Street would be the most likely solution – the bollards falling into the ground when approached by delivery drivers seeking access to businesses.

However, now that work has already started on Monck Street, it appeared that this would be impossible due to the amount of underground services, cables and pipelines, already underground on this part of the street.

Councilor John Hegarty first raised the issue and said the automatic bollards at the bottom of George Street were ‘essential’ for them to approve the Monck Street development.

“A year and a half later, these automatic barriers have not been put in place. In fact, this part of the main street is left open at different times of the day and cars have to reverse into a pedestrian street because there is no There’s no way for them to get out onto the dock.

“Either what has been proposed needs to be moved forward or this project needs to be stopped until a solution is found. This is so serious.”

Cllr Maura Bell agreed, saying most of the time the current fixed bollards were taken and “left sitting against the accountants’ wall down there at the bottom of George Street. It is a hazard. If we don’t get these automatic terminals, we won’t get the project as it is sold. »

Cllr George Lawlor then spoke, saying he had heard that it was impossible to install the automated electric charging stations, due to problems with other services already in place on the street.

Borough engineer Sean Kavanagh confirmed that was the case.

“Cllr Lawlor is correct. Logistically there is not enough space to install the automated bollards in the ground there,” he said. “We are exploring many different types of other barriers there, but have run into issues with falling. We are however investigating other potential solutions.

Meanwhile, advisers felt misled and wronged.

“Surely someone would have known that would be the case?” Cllr Lawlor asked. “If it was still impossible to install these automatic bollards, we should have been informed.”

Councilor Hegarty asked that the item be put on the agenda for next month’s borough meeting and Mayor Garry Laffan asked that the engineer come up with concrete solutions to the problem.

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