TSMC offers more than NT$2 million for Masters, Ph.D. degree holders


Taipei, Sept 5 (CNA) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world’s largest contract chipmaker, plans to hire 1,500 new master’s and doctoral graduates. graduates in 2023, with the average annual salary for master’s degree graduates exceeding NT$2 million (US$65,573).

The recruiting drive will begin in mid-September when TSMC will visit 16 universities in Taiwan and hold interviews with students who want to join the chipmaker, it said in a statement over the weekend.

TSMC will seek graduates with degrees in a wide range of fields, including electronics, electrical engineering, optoelectronics, machinery, physics, raw materials, chemicals, information engineering, management of information and industrial management, the chipmaker said.

The expected salary level of NT$2 million for master’s degree graduates would be well above the average annual salary of NT$656,748 in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry in 2022, according to 104 Job Bank.

In addition to offering competitive compensation, TSMC said the company has set up a training center in 2021 that helps newcomers build their skills and expertise and allows them to adapt as quickly as possible to the company’s working environment.

TSMC has actively sought new sources of labor as it continues to expand operations and embark on new technologies.

In March, the company said it would hire more than 8,000 professionals this year at a time when the local semiconductor industry was aggressively ramping up production capacity to meet global demand.

In August, the TSMC Charity Foundation, created by chipmaker, industry association SEMI and online job bank 104 announced that they had teamed up to recruit vocational high school graduates to work in the semiconductor industry.

According to SEMI, which represents companies in the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, the semiconductor industry is in dire need of labor as it continues to grow, and the pool of talents should be broadened by recruiting vocational high school graduates.

Meanwhile, TSMC said subsidiary TSMC Design Technology Japan plans to open an office in Osaka, instead of a research and development center, in response to a Nikkei report that said the design center would open a second R&D center in Japanese city.

TSMC said TSMC Design Technology Japan, which was established in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in January 2020, opened a 3D IC design center in March 2021.

On the manufacturing side, TSMC opened a joint manufacturing subsidiary with Sony Semiconductor Solutions – Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (JASM) – in Kumamoto in 2021.

The joint venture is building a wafer fab slated to begin mass production in 2024, using TSMC’s 22 and 28 nanometer processes to deploy specialty chips.

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