Trustees approve road works and create new position


LEWIS CENTER — In recent meetings, the Orange Township board has been active in approving road works, technology upgrades and staff moves.

On February 22, operations manager Silas Bowers was awarded up to $50,000 for expenses such as utilities, tree removal and drainage improvements associated with the Bale Kenyon Road widening project. Additionally, $95,311 from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (CLFRF) of 2021 was used for 10 right-of-way acquisitions on Bale Kenyon. This total was later corrected to $95,401. Nine were homeowners and one was Centerpoint Church.

Additionally, administrators agreed to non-member resident rates at the North Orange Park Aquatic Center: $5 for sunset, $8 for daytime, and $10 for night swims or special events.

The minutes said “the board reached consensus to allow” two things – to search for township logos or service marks; and that future fire engines be orange.

After a closed session, the directors passed a resolution that the “Proposed Consent Decree in Case Number 21 CVF 10 0501 Morse Road Development LLC, et al., v. Orange Township is fair and reasonable and hereby approves the same and further authorizes and empowers legal counsel to perform the same and take any other action deemed necessary and desirable in this regard. »

At the March 7 meeting, trustees approved an agreement with the Delaware County Engineer for the 2022 Township Roads Improvement Project at a revised estimate of $948,300. They also asked the engineer’s office for help on an estimate for “a multi-purpose asphalt road along the north side of E. Powell Road between S. Old State and Lyra Drive,” the resolution says. .

The Township also created the full-time position of Fire Support Coordinator for the Fire Department and later in the meeting appointed Patricia Lewis to this position. A new Fire Department and EMS fund was created and $700,000 was moved “to pay for part of the cost of a new fire truck.” Finally, the terms and conditions of employment for Fire Chief Nathan McNeil were established.

Other ARPA/CLFRF funds were used for nearly $4,400 in technology upgrades to the township’s Thompson Conference Hall; $18,000 in renovations to the entrance to the North Orange Aquatic Center; and just under $48,380 for the Walker Woods Park playground resurfacing.

Gary Budzak can be reached at 740-413-0906 or on Twitter @GaryBudzak.

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