Tim Cook receives an honorary degree of innovation from Italy


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Apple CEO Tim Cook has reached Italy as part of his European tour and has now received an honorary master’s degree in innovation and international management.

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Cook’s tour continued in Italy where he received an honorary degree from Federico II University of Naples.

“It is an honor to be recognized by an institution with such a remarkable history, an institution that has nurtured Italy’s brightest young minds for nearly 800 years,” Cook said.

“[Throughout] Over the centuries, this country has achieved breakthroughs in so many important areas,” he continued. “Dare to challenge conventions. Italian scientists, artists, mathematicians and engineers have propelled humanity into the future.”

“And they’ve proven time and time again that a good idea can change the world,” Cook said. “That’s the kind of innovation we strive for at Apple as well. And today, I believe it’s never been more essential.”

Cook’s visit to Italy continues his unannounced European tour. Apple hasn’t released its itinerary, but the CEO himself is tweeting images as they go. So far, he’s started in the UK by meeting the fictional football team “Ted Lasso” and the real-life developers of the new App Store Foundations program.

In Germany, he attended Oktoberfest events and also visited Apple’s cellular signal testing lab in Munich.

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