The story of Jonaed Iqbal helping those without a degree pivot in life


On July 30, 2022, Bloomberg published a compelling article titled “America’s Young College Graduates Face a Tougher-than-Average Job Market.” The author, Alexandre Tanzi, writes: “Since the start of 2021, the unemployment rate for 22-27 year olds with a bachelor’s degree or higher has exceeded the national average every month, according to Data released Friday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Last month, the gap was 0.6 percentage points. What can enterprising individuals do in this hour of crisis to have the desired impact? Meet Jonaed Iqbal.

Jonaed Iqbal is a product manager at, an online career resource solution for people without a degree. Already intriguing? Well, wait, let’s finish the introduction, and then we’ll see how it has a large-scale impact. So, in addition to being a successful career counselor, Jonaed is also a Customer Success Manager at ACE Virtual Events, helping companies run engaging virtual events on Remo and a recruiter at NHP Talent Group based in New York, USA. United States.

Now, let’s not try your patience and dig into NoDegree is an online career resource solution for people without a college degree looking for great jobs. They also offer career, financial and general life advice to overcome the obstacles and problems one faces throughout life. Jonaed Iqbal, based in New York, USA, realized early on the magnitude of the impact and so designed this mentorship program to help many deserving individuals without a degree who want to pursue a career that interests them.

Today, Jonaed has developed a very strong network of professionals worldwide. Referring to someone on Linkedin invites a lot of scrutiny, but enter Jonaed, a Bangladeshi immigrant to the United States in infancy; he makes his community proud of his support through resume editing services that have landed candidates from US Big Tech and other reputable publicly traded digital business organizations such as Hubspot. His discussions of career development, education as a daily act of skill enhancement, and social media community building have earned him the trust of his thriving Linkedin community.

It’s one thing to talk about topics if you’re good at communication, but not with the depth of the topic. But Jonaed not only established his expertise in career counseling and job placement, but he also highlights incredible stories of people earning money without a college degree and sometimes even without finishing high school. Often coaches and stars are afraid to share real people stories to avoid offering unpaid attention and sometimes insecurity, but Jonaed does it with gusto. The NoDegree Podcast – Success stories without a degree for job search, careers and entrepreneurship!

The story of Faith McKinney going from introverted janitor to personal media and brand strategist; the story of Collin Castrina who went from $100/hr as a high school intern to $10,000/month before he turned 21; then the story of Lucas Bédout, a high school dropout with an undiagnosed mental illness, now a successful software engineer; are stories that will convince anyone to avoid the trap of getting into morbid paying private universities, and instead to be thrifty and yet enjoy a fulfilling career!

Is this all just a fantasy? We bet you won’t find the story of a Staff Engineer at Google (2011-present), Bruce Miller, which clarifies that large organizations like Google don’t need a degree every time. To a question on Quora, “How can you get a job at Google without a degree?” He replies, “Yes, you can get any job at Google without a degree…You’ll need something to show why you’re more qualified than the other 999 people applying for the same job. It could be work experience or other accomplishments. [sic]

What does this story ultimately lead us to? Jonaed Iqbal’s story is just the tip of the iceberg of an entire community of enterprising and caring professionals who shape their careers by creating successful careers for others. A community today is mostly a stable of captive buyers, where people lose faith and belief in the system. But when people like Jonaed Iqbal care and are committed to impacting the lives of people without a degree, it’s a time of coming back to faith!

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