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A mature student who suffered a devastating family tragedy during her degree has now successfully graduated and dedicated her success to her late daughter.

Megan Jones was just 15 when she lost her battle with leukemia in February 2019.

Her mother Emma Tamplin was in her second year of a BSc in business management at Swansea University School of Management when Megan’s condition began to deteriorate. She put her studies aside and devoted herself to caring for her daughter.

“But I made it my goal to go back to college, not only to allow me to continue in life, but also to pay tribute to Megan because that was the last thing, she remembered me and she was so proud of me, said Emma, ​​41, from Neath.

And her determination paid off as she just graduated with a 2:1 and started her own business in the wellness industry.

Now, Emma paid tribute to the University staff and fellow students who helped her on her journey.

“The university has been so supportive of me, financially and in terms of my well-being. I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of such an institution. It has provided me with care through my grief and support which allowed me to resume my studies after Megan’s death.

Avid photographer Megan was a talented footballer before she fell ill in 2015. After her initial diagnosis, she responded well to treatment, getting the all clear in July 2017.

However, the following year she fell ill again and, despite specialist treatment in Cardiff, her condition deteriorated and she died surrounded by her family.

Emma said: “I went back to university six months later. A lot of people told me it was too soon, but I wanted to finish my degree for my daughter. I also wanted to show people that even if life is hard, you can accomplish anything. Even in your darkest moments there is always a light and if you keep looking at it, it will eventually grow brighter.

“Megan’s legacy of determination and strength lives on through me and all who knew her.”

Emma initially chose her course to deepen her knowledge of digital marketing and business management in general.

She says: “When I decided to become a mature student, I decided to get the most out of the course. I also wanted to fully immerse myself in university life, so I joined the Entrepreneurship Society and made some wonderful friends.

She said the high level of teaching and learning style offered by the course was particularly enjoyable.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 22 and seeing the investment the School of Management puts into this side of the course has been inspiring.”

Nicki Suddell, Head of Assessment and Awards at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, said: “I would like to extend my congratulations to Emma on her incredible success with her degree. Emma’s hard work and determination has paid off and I am delighted that we were able to support Emma throughout her studies and that she was able to achieve his goal.

“The University offers a variety of help and advice, and it’s fantastic when students are fully engaged in the support on offer. I wish Emma all the best for the future.

Today, Emma looks to the future, thanks to her diploma. “To help me cope with my grief, in my last two years at Swansea I trained as a yoga teacher and coach so I could support other women who are going through similar struggles as mine. and inspire them to achieve their dreams and goals.

“With the knowledge I gained from college, I now help women around the world put in place strategies to create fulfilling work and family lives.

“A lifelong passion is finally a reality for me, and I would not have achieved it without Swansea University’s loving care and support.”

(Main image: Swansea University)

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