The Ministry of Culture and Decent Life signs a new cooperation protocol


ENas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, and Aya Omar, President of the Board of Directors of the “Decent Life” Foundation, signed a cooperation protocol aimed at activating the strategic partnership to build the Egyptian human being.

The protocol is part of the presidential initiative “A decent life”, with regard to the axes of education, awareness, talents and cultural coordination.

The signing of the protocol took place in the presence of engineer Mohamed Abo Saada, head of the National Authority for the Coordination of Civilizations, artist Hisham Atwa, head of the General Authority of Cultural Palaces, Ahmed Bahy, Vice President of the Egyptian General Book Authority, Yasmine El-Gendy, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Decent Life Foundation, Nada Khedr, Director of the Initiatives and Integrated Development Sector, and Hamdi Mamdouh, Member of the integrated development sector of the institution.

The Ministry of Culture and Decent Life signs a new cooperation protocol

Abdel Dayem said that the Decent Life Initiative reflects the state’s concern for its children in various parts of Egypt, stressing that it is one of the steps that contributes to the overall development of the most needy rural communities in order to raise the level of services. offered to citizens in the villages.

The minister expressed that the protocol comes within the framework of strengthening social protection measures, stressing the need for national state bodies to partner with civil society institutions to achieve the desired development.

She noted that culture seeks to implement a set of various artistic, cultural and knowledge projects aimed at consolidating Egyptian identity, supporting the cultural role in the governorates and achieving justice.

The Ministry of Culture and Decent Life signs a new cooperation protocol

For her part, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Decent Life Foundation (Haya Karima), pointed out that the Foundation aims to intervene actively to support the Egyptian citizen, work for the development of society and improve livelihoods. of the individual as a responsibility shared between the various authorities and institutions of the State.

Omar added that working in an integrated way with the Ministry of Culture aims to provide the best cultural, artistic and knowledge services to the inhabitants of the villages and to contribute to the advancement of the fields of discovery, care and adoption of talents. in the targeted villages. .

The Memorandum of Cooperation includes an agreement to make joint efforts to help achieve business goals and cultural initiatives.

In accordance with this protocol, the Ministry of Culture plays many artistic roles, including those related to the axis of education, in the creation of the cultural map of the villages of the first phase of A Decent Life.

In turn, the Ministry of Culture undertakes to disseminate a series of youth creativity in the villages of A Decent Life with the aim of encouraging them and developing their literary skills and talents.

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