The Italian Merchant Navy Academy and BCA GIME present a master’s program


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[By: Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile]

In November 2021, the Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile (Italian Merchant Marine Academy, FAIMM), based in Genoa, announced the agreement with the Business College of Athens (BCA), the Greek Institute of Maritime Education ( GIME) for the provision of the Online Bachelor in Maritime Affairs. diploma for STI graduates. Now, after 8 months of successful partnership, FAIMM and BCA-GIME are ready to start with a new implementation.

From today are available on the FAIMM website the two master’s degrees issued by the College of BCA, based in Athens, the oldest maritime institution in Greece, aimed at Italian and European seafarers and maritime workers. The online Master of Merchant Marine program is ideal for achieving a high-calibre career in the ship management industry, and the “Master of Navigation” and “Master of Marine Engineering Management” represent a stepping stone to civil servants and workers involved in the maritime industry, who want to obtain a high-level training in ship management, delivered by the country which owns 22% of the world fleet of ships and 50% of the European fleet.

The agreement signed last year between Faimm and BCA-GIME provides for an initial period of cooperation of 3 years, which may also develop in the future on other projects and activities. The program can be followed 100% remotely, so that students can also carry out their professional duties smoothly, even on board with laptops provided by BCA. The program provides a comprehensive and practical combined knowledge of the economics and operations of the ship management industry, which can then translate into a strong competitive advantage for students who will have already acquired academic and practical skills on board. .

BCA GIME CEO Harry Daskalakis: “BCA GIME is the oldest maritime college in Greece, specializing in ship management studies. BCA’s educational programs aim to develop leaders and managers in the ship management sector, equipping them with the necessary theoretical background and professional skills necessary to meet the demands of the maritime business sector. BCA, with over 1000 students and over 9000 former employees in leading Greek and international companies, offers academic programs that integrate both theory and practice into their curriculum, benefiting from the expertise of its fully qualified academics and professionals. We are extremely happy to announce the continuation of our partnership with FAIMM, an active partnership through which 24 deck officers are currently following our 1-year license with a high level of competence and satisfaction”.

Paola Vidotto, General Manager of the Italian Shipping Academy: “The agreement signed last year with BCA GIME represents an important step for our Academy, also because we, as an institution, want to implement and develop a ever better and deeper knowledge of all aspects of the maritime industry. for all people enrolled in our courses. The partnership with BCA GIME is an excellent opportunity for seafarers and Merchant Navy Officers to take over for a brilliant career”.

The Italian Merchant Navy Academy, founded in 2005 and recognized as ITS Foundation in 2011, is a body funded by public institutions that awards degrees from the Ministry of Education in non-university higher education. The mission of the Academy is to provide specialized training for professions with a high professional and technological content, based on the needs of the industry, and in particular in the strategic areas of Maritime and Logistics. From 2005 to date, the Academy has trained 1,048 cadets in the 52 editions of the ITS Deck classes and 737 cadets in the 39 editions of the ITS Machine classes.

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