The Engineer – Teledyne announces new Ladybug6 cameras for high precision 360 degree spherical image capture


Richmond, CANADA ─ Teledyne FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions is pleased to announce the all-new Ladybug6, the latest addition to its field-proven Ladybug series. Ladybug6 is the leading high resolution camera designed to capture 360 ​​degree spherical images from moving rigs in all weather conditions. Its industrial-grade design and plug-and-play factory calibration produces 72 megapixel (MP) images with spatially accurate pixel values ​​to +/- 2mm at a distance of 10 meters.

“The new Teledyne Ladybug6 is designed for mobile mapping and all-weather inspection projects requiring excellent image quality and high resolution,” said Mike Lee, Senior Product Manager at Teledyne FLIR. “With the addition of Ladybug6, we are now excited to offer a wider variety of spherical cameras with higher resolutions ranging from 30 MP to 72 MP.”

The new Ladybug6 builds on Teledyne’s machine vision heritage with increased image resolution, improved on-board processing and rugged IP67 rated connectors. Building on the field-proven Ladybug5+, the Ladybug6 captures, compresses and transmits 8-bit or 12-bit pixel data delivering exceptional images in a wide range of lighting conditions with excellent color response, low noise and high dynamic range. Designed from the ground up to capture images from mobile rigs in outdoor environments, the Ladybug6 features a wide operating temperature range (-30°C to 50°C), support for additional global navigation satellite systems and hardware or software trigger control with advanced APIs for complete camera control.

Ladybug6 cameras are designed to provide high precision, high resolution and reliable results for applications such as HD mapping, asset management, roadside inspection, producing panoramic street images for street view , road surveying, heritage digitization, building management, among others .

Main characteristics:

  • Captures 72 megapixel images with a spatial accuracy of +/- 2 mm at a distance of 10 meters
  • Frame rates up to 29.9 FPS at 4K resolution, 15 FPS at 72 MP
  • Wide operating temperature range of -30°C to 50°C
  • IP65 rating with IP67 industrial grade connectors
  • Support for additional global navigation satellite systems
  • Excellent color response, low noise and high dynamic range
  • Captures, compresses and transmits 8-bit or 12-bit pixel data
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly Ladybug SDK
  • All metal body with 2 year warranty

For more information on Ladybug6 models, visit the website. For images and datasheet, please visit our online media kit.

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