The Atlanta Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


A Libra is a collector of things, experiences, and ideas. High and intellectual in their pursuits, Libras are celestially ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and perhaps not coincidentally, money. Know-how isn’t always cheap, after all. Even without the trappings of wealth, however, Libras can be counted on to be gracious hosts who are generally eager to please. However, they also have to be careful that their collective tendencies don’t blind them to other people’s feelings, and that they don’t end up “collecting” people along with everything else.

Craig Allen (Rick Holmes), the wealthy white husband of Van’s friend Monique (Cassandra Freeman) from the Season 1 episode “Juneteenth” “Atlanta”, is a Libra through and through: conscientious, insinuating and collector of very specific tastes. Craig is enamored with black culture more than one might imagine from a middle-aged white optometrist, and often in ways that can only be called problematic. He has a painting that was commissioned based on a quote from Malcolm X; he serves Earn Hennessy and berates him for never having visited Africa; he writes and recites slam poetry about Jim Crow. His quest for black American identity extends even to his wife, a fact Monique is all too aware of. “I get this big ass house and he gets the black woman he always wanted,” she tells Van.

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