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ANGOLA – This isn’t just a DeKalb County affair.

High-water warning signs are being stolen across the region, and the issue was highlighted Tuesday by highway officials presenting at the monthly Steuben County Council meeting.

“We’ve replaced a lot of the high water signs,” said highway engineer Chip Porter.

The highway department needed credit adjustments, or transfers, to cover the cost of more signs and overtime. Of the $17,000 change, $5,000 was for panels.

“It’s not just us. It happens at DeKalb and LaGrange. We have a lot of vandalism with signs,” said Derrick Iddings, superintendent of highways.

The DeKalb County Highway Department used tracking devices on their signs to find them after they were stolen.

Steuben County officials have not suggested taking such action.

The remaining $12,000 was for increased overtime pay.

Porter said the extra money should be used by the department throughout the summer.

“Weather is the biggest deciding factor for overtime,” Iddings said.

Road authorities cannot predict when snow will fall or when storms will hit.

Storms can cause trees and other debris to lay on roads. Winter, of course, means snow at all times of the day. And this year there have been significant snow events.

“There were times when the storm didn’t hit until 1 p.m., 2 a.m. and we stayed (ploughing) in the afternoon so people could get home,” Porter said. .

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