State Council Approves Degree and Certificate Program Changes for 2022-23 at A-State – NEA Report


JONESBORO — At its last quarterly meeting on Friday, July 29, the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Council approved proposed changes to the degree and certificate programs offered by Arkansas State University.

Four programs have been approved to be offered online: the BS in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health; BSRS in Radiological Sciences; MSW in Social Work; and the Basic Emergency Medical Technician Competency Certificate.

A reconfiguration of BSME in Mechanical Engineering, BSEE in Electrical Engineering and BS in Engineering Management Systems has been approved to create a BS in Industrial Systems Engineering at A-State Campus Querétaro.

Also for Campus Querétaro, the council approved the offer of the BS in Business Economics.

Four name changes were approved. The Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management becomes the Department of Emergency Management and Occupational Health; the Management and Marketing Department becomes the Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Department; and the MA in Criminal Justice becomes the MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice. In addition, the IPC (classification of training programs) of the MBA in Business Administration has changed from 52.0201 to 52.1301.

Curriculum revisions have been approved for the MSE in Teaching Theory and Practice, the AAS in Paramedic, the Basic Emergency Medical Technician Proficiency Certificate and the Technical Paramedic Certificate.

Six programs have been removed from the list of those offered: the Bachelor of Environmental Studies, the MSE and Graduate Certificate in Computer Education, the MSE in Biology, the MSN in Nurse Anesthetist, and the Post-Master’s Certificate in biotechnology.

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