ROYAL HELL signs with Heaven And Hell Records; Second Sight Of The Grand Seer album available in September


Heaven And Hell Records welcomes Royal Hell to the fold and announces their next album, Second Sight Of The Grand Seer, due out in September.

Originally from northeastern Pennsylvania, the members of Royal Hell grew up in and around a small town called Exeter, located between the two cities of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. The four band members, vocalist Matt V Peppe, guitarist Eugene Pavlico, bassist David Kusma Jr and drummer Rob Helme have all played together in previous bands. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that they would join forces and start writing songs that would land on their 2019 self-released debut album “Higher Court.”

Trying to place gender parameters around the band isn’t the easiest thing to do as Royal Hell doesn’t exactly seem to fit into one box. They draw influences from 60s classic rock, 70s hard rock, and 80s and 90s heavy metal. All of this creates a unique sound in the modern new wave of 2000s metal hard rock music.

Playing bluesy hard rock songs headfirst into faster thrash metal comes naturally to the band as they have never sought to limit themselves creatively. Influences from Black Sabbath, Metallica, Tool and The Misfits can easily be heard, but that only scratches the surface. When embarking on a musical journey with Royal Hell, a myriad of sounds and influences will appear to the listener when fully immersed. Gaining some buzz on the local scene helped the band land support slots with Dokken, DRI, Cloven Hoof and Anti-Flag to name a few higher profile shows they played in the area.

For the past two years, Royal Hell have been working on writing and recording their sequel Second Sight Of The Grand Seer. Recorded with engineer Joe Loftus, the album features 12 searing rockers who sink hooks deep into the listener and quickly roll them up in an enigmatic rock n’ roll soundscape. The track “Destroyer” features special guest guitarist Glen Drover (King Diamond, Megadeth).

Second Sight Of The Grand Seer tracklist:

“Black Desert”
“Destroyer” (with Glen Drover)
“Blood Shield”
“Hole in My Soul”
“Dreams of Hot Blood”
“Does it matter now?”
“On both sides”
“You must beware”


“Blood Shield”:

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