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City Council will vote Monday on a roadside memorial sign scheme, which would honor victims of fatal car crashes and educate motorists about road safety.

Under the scheme, the family of a fatal collision victim can apply for a memorial sign through their local district council six months after the incident.

The request will be processed by the Director of the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Once the proposed installation of a memorial sign is approved, DOT will determine the details of the sign’s design and location, and work with Public Works to install the sign.

At the municipal services committee last month, DOT senior engineer Nader Asmar said the department would work with the victim’s family and the council district office in which the collision occurred to determine what the best location, but ideally the sign will be placed where the accident occurred.

“Our starting point is where it happened, but we’ll keep in mind that sometimes that place may not be suitable,” Asmar said.

The city will cover the cost of maintaining the sign installation for seven years.

Council members recommended that DOT consider revising the wording of the proposed signs and adding “in loving memory of” and the date of the incident to the memorial sign, and amending the wording of the policy to allow non-family members to make requests for memorial placards in the absence of the victim’s family members.

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