Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Scientific Club sign MoU


Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Qatar Scientific Club (QSC), with the aim of supporting Qatari entrepreneurs and innovators, small and medium enterprises, diversifying the Qatari economy and developing increase the capacity of competitive enterprises in local and international markets.
The MoU was signed by QDB Acting Managing Director Abdulrahman bin Hisham al-Suwaidi and QSC Executive Director Engineer Rashid al-Rahimi.
The MoU provides for the support of QSC innovators by offering financial grants to develop ideas and technical designs proving the idea and also by providing technical advice to manufacture and test the prototype for the innovation. It also offers intangible support by offering workshops, personalized training, work plans and by connecting inventors and innovators with BQD’s specialized business incubators.
The MoU also includes new entrepreneurship and innovation programs, updating existing programs with the latest international methods and other means of cooperation aimed at developing the entrepreneurship system in Qatar.
The MoU fulfills the role of QSC in fostering science, innovation and research in the fields of science and technology, as it provides an enabling environment for young people and innovative entrepreneurs, educating them, motivating them and helping them transform their new ideas into functional and effective models to serve the Qatari community and improve Qatar’s institutional capacities.
Al-Suwaidi, said the bank is always working on formulas and programs that help attract and support young Qatari innovators and provide the necessary assistance and guidance to turn their ideas into successful and competitive business ventures and contribute to the national economy.
For his part, engineer Rashid al-Rahimi explained that the QSC aims to provide an appropriate and supportive incubator for innovators and entrepreneurs.

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