Pasco residents are exasperated after the builder put up a sign with addresses instead of paving the road


Their address is on Flourish Drive, but that street ends before you get to their house.

LAND O’LAKES, Fla. (WFLA) – Flourish Drive in the Connerton neighborhood is ending before it gets to 11 new homes, and it’s causing a lot of aggravation for homeowners.

Owner Calvin Jackson says he feels like he’s not getting what he paid for.

“I’m just looking to have a full house resolution,” Jackson said. “It’s been a lifelong dream to have a house and we’re just looking to have the normal necessities that everyone has when they have a house.”

“It is worrying. There are medical issues if anything were to happen we cannot get medical attention. We receive incorrectly delivered packages all the time.

Homeowners called Better Call Behnken last month to say they hadn’t realized when they bought their home that builder Lennar Homes was planning to postpone paving for a short distance, potentially for years. years, as part of a future phase of development.

“Shouldn’t it have been disclosed when you were selling the houses that there would in fact be no street in a development of this size?” says Michelle Leusch.

When investigator Shannon Behnken contacted Lennar about the matter six weeks ago, the builder said it was working with county staffers to find a solution. Last week, a sign appeared listing the addresses. The owners aren’t happy and say it’s ugly and doesn’t solve the problem.

“It’s confusing,” Jackson said. “You see people stopping at the sign all the time. They read it. Just today someone was looking after our house, he stopped, read the sign and took the wrong direction.

Lennar sent this statement:

“Lennar’s engineer has contacted Pasco officials to explore options.”

However, a county spokesperson sent this response: Lennar does not need county approval to complete work in its site plan; however, the work will require inspections upon completion.

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