Overseas Pakistani Commission Punjab, Hexagon Developments Sign


The Pakistan Overseas Commission, the Punjab government and Hexagon Developments have signed a memorandum of understanding to help generate interest.

The arrangement was approved by Syed Khadim Abbas, commissioner of Pakistan’s Overseas Punjab Commission, and Mayer Schon Husain, executive director of Hexagon Developments Limited, as government officials watched.

Hexagon Developments is a Principal Property Engineer in Pakistan focusing on Social Impact through Property Development (SIPD).

Being one of the leading improvement organizations in Pakistan focusing on friendly effect as its goal, Hexagon Developments is a no obligation company with land holdings across the globe.

The organization intends to declare the realization of an extravagant place of business in the central district of Lahore in the district of Governors House, located close to the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The structure includes 57,500 square feet of Grace An office space.

The aim is to attract Pakistanis abroad to open workplaces and businesses in Lahore and Punjab,” Mayer said. “Hexagon Developments is focused on building improvements that have a social effect in Pakistani society.

Our main objective is to have a positive effect on the business people and young people of Pakistan, and it is precisely on this that we focus our improvements.

Pakistan needs monetary development and effort, and we continue to support development and open doors for young entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive in Pakistan,” Schon said.

Speaking after the cartel tagging service, Syed Khadim Abbas said: “The Pakistan Overseas Commission is pleased to collaborate with Hexagon Developments, an alleged engineer of the properties. Our goal is to work with interest in Lahore and Punjab, and for this, we will have two roadshows initially in the United States, in Houston and New York. We urge Pakistanis abroad to invest resources in Pakistan’s development.

The Punjab Overseas Pakistan Commission is an extraordinary establishment of the Punjab government whose objective is to work with overseas Pakistanis in their businesses, protect against land grabbing and other risks comparisons, removing barriers and assisting in strategic choices taking into account the misconceptions of overseas Pakistanis.

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Home to over 13 million people and with a projected GDP of $84 billion, Lahore is perhaps the most affluent city in Pakistan. Lahore is a center of attraction for industry and business, as well as education and culture.

From 2008 to 2019, the city experienced a development of 110% of GDP. As of around 2019, Lahore had a projected GDP of $84 billion. The development of Lahore as a major business center and focal point of Pakistani culture has a major impact on the city’s real estate market.

Many new skyscraper commercial structures are being built, laying the foundation for Lahore’s monetary fulfillment in the indefinite future.

The strong interest in space in the business district of Lahore continues to be a magnificent location in the real estate market.

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