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MUMBAI: From a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity to another in shipping and logistics, graduating students in Class XII will have a host of new undergraduate courses to choose from. As part of the autonomy, more and more colleges are launching new courses or adding existing courses to their already popular list. With the help of alumni and industry experts, colleges are weaving skills-based courses to make students more employable five years from now.
RA Podar College is starting a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Shipping and Logistics. Principal Shobana Vasudevan said their shipping industry alumni mentioned there was a shortage of qualified applicants. “Mumbai boasts of a long coastline and we also have ports here. Very few colleges in the country offer a program at undergraduate level,” she said, adding that their programs have a “gatekeeper.” Of the industry.
Several colleges will offer a Bachelor of Science in Data Science – a field that is gaining momentum in the global job market. Even though AICTE introduced it two years ago as an emerging engineering course, a BSc may be a more affordable option. “Not just affordable, it will be for three years, as opposed to four years of engineering. Students can start working or use the time to complete a master’s degree,” said Uma Shankar, Principal of SIES College.
NM College will begin a BCom in Economics and a BCom in Economics and Analytics. “It is important for business students to learn about economics and its impact on industries,” Principal Parag Ajgaonkar said. The institute seeks input from alumni in designing the program.
St Xavier’s College, known for its BA and B Sc programmes, will from this year offer the BAF, a popular course from an employment perspective. The college currently offers a traditional BCom course only in the evening. Jai Hind College had launched a BBA (Integrated Industry) program in conjunction with Tata Consultancy Services last year, which will enable students to pursue careers in banking and financial services.
BK Birla College, Kalyan has added a range of industry-focused undergraduate courses ranging from event management to integrative nutrition and dietetics and several BVoc courses in line with the Centre’s push for focused curricula on skills, said director Avinash Patil.
A member of the Senate, however, said that the University of Mumbai must monitor the curricula and fee structures of these courses by the autonomous colleges.

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