North Haledon residents sign petition to help make High Mountain’s giant star shine


A northern New Jersey mayor fights to save a 25-foot-tall star that shines above the city.

The star was first erected in the 1950s atop High Mountain. It was down for decades, then came back when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and became a beacon of hope.

But the city no longer owns the land where the star sits, and the current owners want the star to come down.

Mayor Randy George has vowed to fight for the star and held a special meeting Monday night.

“The star doesn’t go down,” George said.

He says about 1,000 of the town’s 9,000 residents have signed a petition supporting him. And a few dozen people showed up at Monday’s meeting to show their support.

The land where the star sits is owned by the Nature Conservancy. The director of the reserve claims that the star is bad for several rare plants and puts them in danger.

“There are plants up there, but they’re not close to the star,” George said.

He says he paid his environmental engineer to check. And his report shows that the mountain is preserved.

The city gave the land to the reservation about 20 years ago to stop development in the mountain.

“It’s one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of working with the council to make this happen,” says George.

The New Jersey reserve manager was invited to the meeting, but did not attend. The mayor says he hopes they meet soon to discuss things.

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