Nigeria, Japan and Israel sign MoU to accelerate industrialization


The National Agency for Scientific Engineering and Infrastructure (NASENI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Israeli and Japanese companies to commence manufacturing of electric motorcycles in Nigeria as per the directive of NASENI to drive the industrialization process from Nigeria.

The MoU was signed Thursday in Abuja. According to the partners, the project will be fully operational in the first quarter of 2023.

The project is expected to deepen Nigeria’s capacity building, create job opportunities and also accelerate Nigeria’s industrialization agenda.

Micheal Freeman, Israel’s Ambassador to Nigeria, said the partnership between Israeli, Japanese and Nigerian technologies will solve various problems affecting the transport and environment division in Nigeria.

Michael said “It is a project that is a partnership with Israeli, Japanese and Nigerian companies that is taking place in Nigeria.

“What is special about this project is that it is a timely project that combines Israeli technologies, Japanese technologies, Nigerian entrepreneurship and innovation to create a project that will work beautifully.

“We are talking about introducing electronic motorcycles in Nigeria which will be a green and environmentally friendly program.

“It gives people a safe and cheap way to travel and even has technology to ensure that motorbikes are only used for legal and proper purposes.

“When we look at what the issues are around the world and also in Africa and Nigeria, we talk about fuel shortage issues, we talk about green technology, we talk about the need to provide cleaner, cheaper and more easy.

“And here we are, with Israeli and Japanese companies joining forces with Nigerian partners to deliver cleaner, greener, newer and exciting technology that should move people, population across the country.

“I believe that a program that will start in Nigeria will be successful and will cross Africa”, Freeman said.

Takeshi Isaku, Chief Innovation Officer at Musahi of Japan, said his company is keen to help Nigeria and the African continent achieve safe, secure and clean technologies.

Hon. Wadada Aliyu, the chairman of PAN Nigeria Limited, said the project marked the beginning of technological evolution in Nigeria.

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