New conveyor with 90 degree side bending curves and LBP transitions


Summary of the press release:

  • Equipped with an inspection camera for deformations or irregularities in the cardboard
  • Supplied with belt coloring to contrast the carton graphics which helps to identify the compromised product.
  • Inspects, merges and finally positions the product to feed the customer’s existing single case packer

Original press release:

Seven Technologies – Two cartoners – One case packer

…using Slug Accumulation, Micropitch & 90° Transfers, Curves & more.

Multi-Conveyor (Winneconne, WI) – Multi-Conveyor recently built a series of independently fed conveyors to reroute cartons of varying sizes of product to be inspected, fed by two cartoners, merged into a single case packer. The wide-sided product end is transferred from the cartoners, then rotates 90° in orientation, merges into a single lane, then completes the transfers again to reach the designated packing position.

The video shows an initial section where the cartons are controlled using a tool-less adjustable pneumatic clamping assembly at the discharge, and an overhead pneumatic carton stopper assembly, where they will accumulate until the desired number. Customer-supplied controls stop accumulated product, allowing a right-angle pneumatic pusher assembly to transfer product from one conveyor to another. Once the pusher is retracted, the cartons release the next batch of accumulated product.

Tom Wright, Account Manager at Multi-Conveyor, explains, “The top cardboard stopper goes down in front as the product backs up. This is the pneumatic gripper that comes up against the product. We let that group, or slug, move forward forward to this position which will transfer the group to the main line and which will end up continuing to convey the products, we will accelerate them to create a greater gap so when we make the transfer at a right angle there is enough place between them.”

The shorter product size is conveyed by two friction top belts and a slave driven micropitch transfer that creates the space needed for the curve to come. Tom continues, “With the shorter length of the product, we incorporate microstep transfers for end-to-end transfers. And then what we have is another chain of friction inserts that will grab that product at a faster speed to increase the gap between the products to help with that 90° transfer.

The band coloring was specifically requested to contrast the carton graphics, which helps identify the compromised product. Tom details the strategy: “Part of this conveyor has a black or different darker color conveying surface for a customer-supplied inspection camera that will look for any deformations or irregularities in this carton that will stop the line allowing operator to reject this product.”

Other technologies incorporated into this system include right angle transfers; 90 degree side bending curves; simplistic bump turn; LBP (low back pressure) transitions; even slight elevation changes. All working in tandem to inspect, merge and ultimately position the product to feed the customer’s existing single case packer.

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Watch this brief video to see the system in action:

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