National Press Day irony: Most regretted college degree in journalism, survey finds


New Delhi: Deserving students opt for higher education before settling down in their chosen fields, but for most, a university degree is seen as the stepping stone to a professional career.

But there are students who are not entirely satisfied with the subjects they have chosen at the end of their three or four year courses.

Ironic as it may seem as India celebrates National Press Day on November 16, a recent survey found that journalism was the most regretted subject chosen for a university degree.

The survey conducted by ZipRecruiter claims that up to 44% of current job seekers with college degrees regret their choice of college.

More importantly, 87% of journalism degree holders said they would choose another degree if given a second chance.

The second most regretted subject for the college major is sociology and liberal arts/general studies (both 72%), followed by communications (64%) and education (61%).

Other “hated” subjects are Marketing Management and Research, Medical/Clinical Assisting, Political Science and Government, Biology, English Language and Literature.

At the other end of the spectrum, 72% of students with degrees in computer and information science and criminology will be happy to opt for the same subjects, if given the choice.

Engineering (71%), nursing (69%) and health (67%) graduates are next on the list.

Other “no regrets” college degrees are business administration and management (66%), finance (66%), psychology (65%), construction trades (65%) and resource management human (58%).

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