Lanes dug to lay tiles months ago, no sign of work yet: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Jalandhar, August 17

Kanyawali residents at Urban Estate Phase-I here complained that a few lanes in their locality were dug about two months ago to put interlocking tiles in, but they demanded that the old sewer lines be changed before to do the tile work. However, to date, neither the tiles have been installed nor the sewer lines.

Size according to development plan

I need to check with the relevant team to find out exactly what the problem is. Also, the size of the sewer pipes should be decided based on the layout plan of the area and not the demand of the residents. Harpeet Singh, MC Engineer

Out of seven, only two have been corrected

There are a total of seven lanes in the locality. Of these, three lanes were dug, while two lanes were repaired. Mangal Sidhu, a local resident

Residents said there were a total of seven lanes in their locality. “Of the seven lanes, three lanes were dug, while two lanes were repaired, and that too after the objection of residents. Both lanes, where tiles were laid, MC workers had installed the same old four-inch sewer pipes instead of bigger ones,” said local resident Mangal Sidhu.

He said that the sewer pipes in their area were about 40 years old and blocked very often, so they asked the MC to change the pipes first and then start the tiling work. “Every time it rains, the situation gets worse as rainwater and sewage enter our homes, making our lives miserable,” he said.

He further stated that in two of the lanes repaired a few months ago, the MC had installed sewer lines 20 feet long and 9 inches wide, and these were working well. “However, when we requested that the same size pipes be laid in the remaining five lanes, MC officials indicated that they could not put the same diameter pipes as the lanes were narrow and congested,” said mangal.

Another resident, Kamlesh, said MC workers started work in the area a few days ago and were laying substandard 6-inch pipes. Therefore, they have now submitted a memorandum in this regard to Commissioner MC.

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