ISPs BT and TalkTalk sign UK TV deal to keep YouView until 2024


Broadband ISPs BT and TalkTalk appear set to keep their respective YouView-based TV services running until March 2024 after reaching a new shareholder agreement with the platform’s other joint venture partners in the business. broadcasting, including ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Just to recap. YouView is a broadband Internet-based video-on-demand and catch-up TV (IPTV) platform that is bundled by multiple ISPs across the UK and has also been retailed. Despite this, the service has seen most of its adoption come from customers of its commercial ISP partners, rather than directly through retail.

However, YouView’s future has recently started to look increasingly uncertain, particularly with BT appearing to be backing away from its previous move into pay-TV, in favor of a focus on building FTTP broadband (here and here ). At the same time, TalkTalk has also decided to adopt rival solutions Netgem TV and NOW TV (here).

Nevertheless, a new regulatory notice from ITV suggests that YouView will continue to be supported until at least March 31, 2024.

New shareholder agreement with YouView TV Limited

This disclosure is being made in accordance with Listing Rule 11.1.10 R due to the fact that ITV Broadcasting Limited (“ITV”) is entering into a transaction with the BBC, which is deemed to be a related party of ITV plc under registration. Rules.

ITV, the BBC, BT, Channel 4, TalkTalk and Channel 5 have agreed a new shareholders’ agreement for YouView which sets out, among other things, YouView’s governance and funding arrangements. YouView is an existing joint venture in which ITV has been a shareholder since 2010. YouView develops and maintains software for the YouView service, currently available from BT, TalkTalk and select Sony televisions.

Under the new agreement, ITV and the BBC have each committed to paying £750,000 to YouView each financial year from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2024. This reflects ITV’s current annual funding obligations to YouView.

The news may be positive, but we strongly suspect that this could be the last time YouView sees such a deal. All of YouView’s broadcast partners have since turned to the DTT and freesat platforms/services under Digital UK (Channel 5 was the last of the group to join this company in December 2021).

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