Infinity Learn’s edtech model ensures 360-degree learning for Indian students


New Delhi, September 12 (IANS): Bringing over 20 years of academic excellence to the 4As of Education (Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Adaptability), Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya has designed a learning model that guarantees 100% student success.

The goal is clear: to provide students with the best of the offline and online experience in the “hybrid normal”.

Siva Kumar Vaddi, Head of Engineering at Infinity Learn, told IANS that Infinity Learn is the fastest growing edtech platform in India and has reached over two million registered users and over 100,000 paying users on the platform in one year since its launch. launch.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q: What is Infinity Learn’s USP in the EdTech landscape?

A: Infinity Learn is designed as a one-stop solution for in-school and after-school learning where some of the best teachers along with over 2 million learning content including adaptive practice questions, solutions, flashcards, videos come together seamlessly to give 360 ​​degree learning.

Our three main areas of focus and delivery are motivation, engagement and results.

Our 4A learning model (Assessments, Assist Live Classes, Ask Doubt 24X7, Assimilate) is uniquely designed after 20 years of excellence to ensure every student is successful in their preparation.

Q: What is your long-term vision/mission?

A: Our long-term vision/mission is our Code 2025. Our goal is to improve learning outcomes to enable measurable progress for our learners.

“Learning paths” represent a continuous learning process through the levels and set the learner on the path to progress.

We offer personalized hybrid learning solutions “in class and after class” and we align ourselves every day to work with honest efforts and with passion and produce the best learning solutions in the class.

Q: Tell us about the scale of your operations in India?

A: Backed by Asia’s largest education group, Sri Chaitanya, Infinity Learn is the fastest growing EdTech company in India. Led by people with the aim of aPower Learner’s Progress’, it has reached over 1 million registered users and over 100,000 paid users on the platform in the span of 10 months since its commercial launch ( June 2021).

Q: Can you share some customer testimonials?

A: The top takers of the prestigious NEET 2021 exam are students from Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution, the national leader in test prep services, like Khandavally Shashank, Gorripati Rushil (from the classroom program) and Suyash Arora ( of our distance learning program).

We also got over 25 top rankings below 100 ranks. This stupendous result follows the recently announced JEE ADVANCED 2O21 result, where Sri Chaitanya students achieved 26 ranks below 100.

Q: What do you think of the trend of buying physical learning centers that has started?

A: The Indian education system has been widely recognized for its intense focus on academics and its continuous pursuit to lead students towards a successful learning journey. Edtech products are now more mainstream or at least the ambition is to go mainstream. And for that, they will particularly need a hybrid approach.

There is also a growing demand for interpersonal mentorship for learners that is accessible and affordable in Tier II/II cities. This does not mean that there is a shortage of good teachers there. However, there is certainly a lack of students enjoying a conducive learning atmosphere combined with appropriate learning activities, which is probably the most important of all steps towards quality teaching and learning.

To bridge this gap, we (Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya) have brought students in Tier II/III cities a physical presence through “The Knowledge Hub” which is designed (backed by extensive market research) with the aim of provide an engaged learning environment and encourage higher levels of student performance.

Q: What has cloud technology and AWS enabled you to do better?

A: As Infinity Learn began to grow and grow, our apps are now used by over 2 million users.

Although we were able to deliver an excellent customer experience with the solutions developed and as we grew, the scale and concurrency were not easy to manage. We constantly had to improvise our strategy at scale.

We have spent too much effort on scaling rather than creating value for our customers. We want to continuously improve the quality of the service we provide, regularly reduce costs, concurrency, and develop and deploy new products faster. Achieving all of these goals was only possible by making the leap to the cloud.

Every day on Infinity Learn, thousands of users from all corners of India access the Infinity edtech platform to advance education.

Either learners take an assessment, attend a live class, question or assimilate the learning using the IL platform.

The platform has become an increasingly important part of many learner success stories across the education landscape.

Infinity Learn began its cloud journey from day one for Learn customers to AWS, leveraging several key services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Elasticsearch, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Lambda. . As a result, Infinity Learn was able to easily manage users.

Q: In terms of business results, what benefits have you gained from running on AWS?

A: Using the AWS infrastructure allows us to do things more efficiently and gives us the ability to innovate. Our new adaptive learning offering with a tenant-specific solution is a good example where we leverage AWS technologies to create a platform that delivers data-driven insights for our learners to have a roadmap to learning. personalized learning to achieve their goals.

We achieved a highly available system that could meet and respond to a growing number of customer and client entitlements for all verticals.

We’ve also managed to scale the application as needed by taking advantage of AWS’s autoscaling and load balancing capabilities.

We found it easy to scale the app in case of certain events such as tests, live concurrent classes, etc. Rights per second were at their peak for a few hours and these peak results are seen weekly, lasting up to 2 to 5 hours.

The solution provided allows the customer to deploy features faster compared to their previous experience. They were able to achieve a fault-tolerant architecture.

On the infrastructure side, our team decided to use Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) to meet the scalable requirement and Amazon CloudFront to ensure high availability. Amazon CloudFront also acts as a second layer of caching in addition to results that have been cached in Amazon ElastiCache for Redis.

Overall, we were able to achieve standard latency of less than 100 milliseconds for our service calls with 99.9% uptime.

Using AWS, we improved the time to launch a digital marketing campaign from two days to an average of 8 hours.

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