IIT Kanpur’s Online Masters Program in Cyber ​​Security to Meet Industry Demand and Strengthen Workforce

  • For the next batch starting in January 2023, applications close on November 12, 2022

With the rapid evolution of the Internet, along with the life-changing benefits, cyber threats are also on the rise. According to Gartner, by 2025, 45% of organizations could face attacks on their software supply chains. With the proliferation of data, the risk of attack on important information systems, critical infrastructure and personal devices also increases. According to reports, India is poised to have over 1.5 million vacancies in the cybersecurity sector by 2025 and to fill this upcoming talent gap, India needs to have a well-equipped and skilled workforce for the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Keeping this in mind, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur offers a unique and carefully curated eMasters degree program on Cyber ​​Security for working professionals.

Developed by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur, this executive-friendly program is taught by world-class faculty and researchers at IIT Kanpur. Working professionals have the opportunity to complete the industry-focused 60-credit, 12-module program between 1 and 3 years. Selection in this program is based on academic and professional background. Therefore, the GATE score is not required.

Last year itself, Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-In) recorded more than 14 lakhs of cyberattack incidents. Banking systems, communications, railways, armed forces, energy sectors are some of the critical infrastructures that are affected by cyber threats. Apart from this, the advent of technologies such as AI and IoT has led to an increase in ransomware threats. Last year, India saw an estimated 120% increase in ransomware attacks. Although most of them come from third-party attackers, there is a significant increase in expected insider attacks in the near future. Data breaches, hacking, foreign espionage and cyber phishing are some of the major categories plaguing cyber security in India. The use of cloud-based services, unauthorized data sharing, financial exchanges on digital payment platforms, social media communication, online banking, e-commerce also provide attack surfaces for growing cyber threats. As the threat landscape expands, the need for more skilled professionals is also becoming a priority.

The eMasters degree program at IIT Kanpur comes to help professionals develop capabilities for an evolving and volatile threat environment. It will train professionals in depth in cybersecurity methods and technologies. Cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts will also be familiarized with the latest concepts to effectively maneuver through the changing scenarios of the field. The well-researched real-world curriculum includes in-depth modules on cryptography, machine learning, nascent to advanced IoT security, to name a few.

Dr. Manindra Agarwal, Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur, says “Over 85 Batch 1 participants are reaping great benefits as this futuristic program prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow. , help mitigate the risks ahead with utmost expertise and vigor.This unique eMaster degree offers experienced professionals a chance to hone their skills at a top-notch institution like IIT Kanpur without interrupting their respective careers. This one-of-a-kind program allows them to stay ahead of the competition with future-proof training.

The program offers a high-impact format with weekend-only, live, interactive classes combined with self-paced learning. The program offers credit transfer facility where up to 60 credit waiver can be transferred for higher education (MTech/PhD) at IIT Kanpur. Program participants have access to the placement cell, incubation cell and alumni network of IIT Kanpur, making it a unique career advancement and networking experience. The immersive learning experience empowers professionals with world-class cybersecurity expertise.

Depending on the prevailing situations, the program plans to offer a campus tour at IIT Kanpur, which would open up various fields of interactions between professionals and eminent professors from different fields. Choosing this program will help professionals to enhance their cybersecurity expertise to overcome futuristic challenges. Unlike most other professional degrees or courses, the eMasters degree program at IIT Kanpur also awards official degrees approved by the Senate upon convocation. After successful passage of Batch 1, applications for Batch 2 from January 2023 close on November 12, 2022. To learn more about the program and to apply, click here: https://emasters.iitk.ac.in/cybersecurity

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