Homeowners invited to enroll in Murrisk’s water supply program


PROPERTY owners in the Murrisk, Lecanvey and Kilsallagh areas are encouraged to take advantage of a unique opportunity and sign up for the new community water supply system at a reduced rate.

An open house is held in Murrisk on December 12 when those who have not yet done so are invited to register, or face higher connection fees after that date.

Six hundred households can join the program and the more they do, the less people will have to pay.

The contribution of the local community to the project of 6.25 million euros is 851,852 euros.

The exact fee to be paid by each household will be determined by the number of members, but with the current figures this amounts to around € 1,400 per connection, and it could drop to € 1,200.

Michael McDermott, senior engineer for rural water services at Mayo County Council, told local officials he hopes to issue a tender in May or June to begin construction of the 49-kilometer stretch of pipeline in September.

Councilor Christy Hyland has said he hopes everyone will sign up, with Councilor Peter Flynn pointing out how the connection fee will increase after this month’s deadline – to € 2,272, so you immediately save € 1,000 in registering now.

“Register now for a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he urged.

As part of the project, the size of the mainline is being improved to allow Irish Water to serve Louisburgh from Lough Mask in the future.

Discussions have taken place with Irish Water regarding improvements they need to make at Westport and Louisburgh. They are in the process of appointing a consultant to review the design.

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