Gene-ius sisters get third and fourth degree


The siblings often argue, but these four sisters totally agree that going to college was the perfect path for all their ambitions.

While nearly 3,300 new graduates were conferred on the University of Limerick over five days – but one family had an extra reason to celebrate their Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biochemistry.

The four Ryan sisters, from Killaloe, Co Clare, reached a milestone when twins Anna and Rosaleen, 22, graduated with BSc degrees in Industrial Biochemistry from the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Dr Sally Ryan, with her sisters, twins Rosaleen and Anna, and Kate who all have a BSC in industrial biochemistry.

While it’s not unusual for siblings to follow the same course, in Anna and Rosaleen’s case, they were following a career path that their two older sisters had taken before them.

Anna and Rosaleen’s sister Kate graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial biochemistry in 2018 and older sister Sally also graduated from the program in 2016, later earning a PhD in the field in 2020.

Commenting on the family’s obvious love of science, Anna said: “We were all interested in science from the start, we went to St Anne’s Secondary School in Killaloe and got a great foundation in the subjects. scientists.”

Nearly 3,300 fresh graduates conferred at the University of Limerick over five days. Photo: Shutterstock

However, it was not only in high school that they discovered the career possibilities in industrial biochemistry.

Anna said: “One of my aunts is a biochemist, so when Sally was considering third level courses she encouraged her to attend. And it kind of went from there.

“There were biosciences, pharmaceuticals, environment and biochemistry. And we chose biochemistry. It’s really interesting because you learn about the diseases, you learn the causes and why it happens in the body. And then we learn how it works in the industry. Anna is currently pursuing a PhD at Trinity College Dublin, while Rosaleen aims to work in the burgeoning biomedical industry.

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