‘Forza Horizon 5’ update adds sign language support


Playground Games has released a new Forza Horizon 5 update that adds sign language support.

Previously announced last year, the sign language support feature has been in development for a while but finally arrived today for all platforms.

When players start Forza Horizon 5they should be able to find American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) features in the settings.

The sign language update will support 150 in-game cutscenes that will play throughout the game, making the driving game much more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing players.

The recently released YouTube video shows how the feature was implemented, with actors from the deaf and hard of hearing community signing in the corner of the screen during cutscenes, story segments, and challenges.

In a new blog post detailing the update, Microsoft Accessibility Director Jenny Lay-Flurrie discussed the new update and spoke of her own hearing loss, saying that with the addition of signing into the game, she no longer needs to ask her family what she missed.

“There are so many people with disabilities and deaf people. And, there are many closed doors every day. And what I mean by that is that we are constantly and constantly confronted with the inequalities that exist,” she said.

Forza Horizon 5. Credit: Microsoft

“The fact that I can be on equal footing with them means that I am not focused on a closed door. I am not trying to solve an inequity. I am present with my family and there is nothing more important to me than that.

Software engineer Michael Anthony, who lost his hearing as a child, said: “I was really impressed with the team’s willingness to take on this task. One of the things I advocated at the beginning was that they shouldn’t just have an ASL interpreter. They should bring in native speakers and do these performances.

“It just can’t be done by one person. It takes a team. A lot of nuance is lost with just subtitles or captions. But with that, I don’t miss a thing. It’s giant in a good way.

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