Everything you need to know about the 643rd Engineering Company


To find out some interesting facts about the 643rd Engineering Company, just keep reading to find out some new facts about the 643rd Engineering Company.

Everything you need to know about the 643rd tech support company:

The 643rd Engineer Support Society is also known as the Wolf Pack:

Members of the 643rd Engineer Company refer to themselves as the Wolf Pack. In fact, if you visit the company’s public Facebook page, you’ll see that their emblem features a pack of wolves.

They regularly update their community Facebook page:

If you want to stay up to date with the latest company news and see photos of the most recent company events, it’s worth liking the 643rd Tech Support Company’s public Facebook page.

The support company regularly organizes social events:

The 643rd Engineer Company holds regular social events to give its soldiers a sense of community. As an example, every festive season, the company hosts a fun holiday party. Where soldiers participate in ugly sweater contests and gingerbread house building contests. When the company is stationed in the United States, it also hosts regular family events for soldiers and their families to mingle and mingle.

The company is made up of a wide variety of engineers:

One of the reasons that this particular company has achieved a high degree of success is that it has a wide variety of engineers who specialize in different areas of engineering.

In 2017, the company was seconded to South Korea:

In 2017, the company was assigned to Camp Humphreys in South Korea. At the time, 600 soldiers, many of whom were engineers, moved to South Korea with their families. The purpose of the company posting was to provide theater-level engineering capabilities to every unit assigned to the peninsula. A daunting task.

Company battalion commander Sergeant Major Gregory Workman spoke in an interview about the prospect of aggression from North Korea. Workman pointed out that if diplomacy was the preferred course of action, if North Korea was aggressive, the U.S. military would spearhead the fight and not back down from a fight.

Fortunately, war between North Korea and South Korea did not erupt during the company’s long tenure in South Korea.

Hope you found out some informative facts about the 643rd engineering company. Which are also known by their members as the Wolf Pack.

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