Dubai Police Sign Language Team Help Reunite Children With Parents At Expo 2020 Dubai


Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai.
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan / Gulf News

Dubai: A Dubai Police Sign Language Team helped reunite an autistic child with his parents at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Dubai Police Sgt. Mohammed Al Hajaji said the boy was lost along with his eight-year-old sister, but the team managed to locate them within 30 minutes.

“The parents asked for our help while we were at the site. We quickly found the children by spotting the color of the boy’s shirt. The boy and his sister have been reunited with their parents, ”Al Hajaji said.

In another incident, the team that greeted visitors with American Sign Language (ASL) helped a child with Down’s syndrome who was looking for his family. “He was lost and asked for our help. We calmed him down, looked for his father and handed the child back to him, ”Al Hajaji added.

The Dubai Police Sign Language Team is working hard to make determined people visiting Expo 2020 Dubai feel safe and welcome at the mega event.

The man who forgot where his car was parked

Al Hajaji said a hearing-impaired person hired a car to visit Expo 2020 Dubai, but forgot where the car was parked and called for police assistance. “He forgot where he parked the car. We communicated with him through sign language as he could not remember the registration number of the vehicle. We formed a team, in cooperation with the traffic department, and traced the car. He was very happy and grateful, ”Al Hajaji said.

In another incident, a visually impaired Arab visitor with speech impairments was greeted by the Dubai Police Sign Language Team and communicated with them through sign language. “We wanted him to be happy. We communicated with him by touching his palm. It’s a professional way to communicate with your class of people. We took him to his country’s pavilion and explained his surroundings to him, ”Al Hajaji added.

Grant a wish

The sign language team also helped fulfill the wish of a determined person who wanted to meet an Emirati singer while the artist performed at the mega event.

“We saw him go to the Eida Al Menhali concert. We asked him if he needed any help and he said his wish was to meet Al Menhali. We spoke with the Al Menhali team and made the man’s wish come true by helping him meet the singer and take pictures with him, ”Al Hajaji said.

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