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CORBIN – In a special meeting called Monday, the Corbin Town Commission met to discuss several issues, including authorizing Mayor Suzie Razmus to sign all necessary paperwork to receive the Safe Streets and Roads 4 All Grant. Grant (or SS4A).

The grant would provide $200,000 for a study to improve pedestrian bike paths.

“We had a very quick return. We have found an engineer who is ready to work for us. It’s a planning grant and it basically looks at the hotspots in the city with regards to accidents and also tries to improve the traffic flow from east Corbin around Campbell Field and gives us a nice road map for bike sharing that would be safe for people to ride their bikes,” Mayor Razmus said.

The committee unanimously agreed to allow Razmus to sign the necessary documents due this Friday, September 16.

Razmus also added, “That money is sort of a stepping stone at this point. Once we get that grant, there is money for implementation.

Another important item on the agenda that evening was the discussion of the appointment of two new police officers for the town of Corbin.

Corbin Police Chief Rusty Hedrick said: ‘In preparation for three officers who have applied elsewhere and we are still short of one constable, I would like permission to advertise for two constables from police. We exhausted our last roster where we had eight to take the test and we were able to hire one, so I’d like to advertise two more.

The chief said money was a problem for those applying to other ministries.

Mayor Razmus added, “Well, and I think more than the salary, but also the climate, I think across the country,” in reference to officers who applied in other departments.

The board approved the recommendation along with a $1 raise for dispatchers Jennifer Brennenstuhl and Russ Humphress.

“Now we have new recruits starting the same way as the dispatch,” Hedrick added.

The supervisors’ salary was a small oversight in the budget, which the chief had spoken to Marlon Sams, the city manager of Corbin.

Last on the agenda was setting a time for Trick or Treating on Halloween. Trick or Treating downtown would be 3:30-5:30 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. in residential areas.

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