Blockbuster! CapitolHunters claims (with proof) that Musk has no STEM degrees of any kind.


It’s a bit crazy. A Twitter account (@capitolhunters) took a deep dive on Elon Musk. Some people on this site may be familiar with this account, as Capitol Hunters is a crowd-sourced investigative account that did extensive work tracking down participants in the January 6 coup attempt. They were very successful in this and, thanks to them, many people who would otherwise have escaped notice were finally charged.

This latest thread of theirs is nothing short of inflammatory. Explosive. Nuclear, even. They dove deep into public records, filings, interviews and other assorted documents and came to the conclusion that:

  • Elon Musk lied about having a degree in physics and has, at most, a (presumably paid) undergraduate degree in economics from Wharton Business School (the alma mater of Trump and Trump, Jr.)
  • He illegally overstayed his visa when he sold his first business
  • He constantly lied, obscured and concealed these details for some time

Here is the thread:


Here is the Google Drive link with all the documentation available for download in case the Twitter link disappears:

Elon Musk wire

I wanted to release it as soon as I saw it, both because Capitol Hunters has a pretty solid reputation (at least since I last paid attention to them) they’re not afraid to release their evidence /documents for verification, and if this is true, not only would it confirm a lot of what people have suspected about Musk for some time, but it’s a really successful claim that deserves a lot more scrutiny, from especially as Peter Thiel and David Sacks seem to be involved in this in a big way.


Here is a link to the feed reader from the Twitter feed — Elon Musk wire

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