A vulgar political message flashes on the Winston-Salem road sign, but it is not yet known how it happened | Local News


A vulgar message was posted on a mobile bulletin board parked near Linville Road on Salem Parkway on Thursday before North Carolina Department of Transportation workers were able to shut down the sign.

According to a man who contacted the Journal, the sign alternated between the statements “F*** JOE BIDEN” and “VOTE TRUMP 2024.”

Pat Ivey, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s division engineer, confirmed the content of the messages on Friday.

“It doesn’t belong to us,” Ivey said of the panel. “It belongs to a traffic control contractor. We found out about it yesterday afternoon. Our forces went there and were able to deactivate the sign immediately.

Ivey said the sign is owned by Stay Alert Safety Services LLC in Kernersville, which is investigating how the message ended up on the sign and will report its findings to the state.

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“We’ve had multiple calls and emails from people who have seen it,” Ivey said. “We went out immediately to see what was going on. We spoke to the contractor, who is investigating himself to find out who programmed the message in there, or if it was just some kind of sabotage. This happened all over the state – we had people hacking into these systems and spreading obscene messages.

Ivey said road workers found the sign unlocked when they went to check it, leaving open the possibility that someone who knew what to do had just walked in and set the messages.

“It’s possible this is a hack work,” Ivey said. “Usually you have to actually step into those older signs. My understanding is that they are usually locked.

The sign was at a location used to store it for nearby use, Ivey said, describing Stay Alert as a contractor for APAC-Atlantic, which is carrying out a stream relocation project in the area as part of work for the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway.

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