A Degree in Built Environment Could Be Your Passport to Success


With the increase in technological intervention and the need for more qualified people to fill specific positions, it is imperative that those working in the real estate and construction sector retrain. Those who aspire to join the industry after studying engineering, architecture or other related fields must upgrade to meet the changing needs of the industry.

This is an industry that rewards excellence to the highest degree, requiring professionals in the field to keep abreast of changing industry needs. In this rapidly changing world, an accredited degree in built environment may well be your passport to success, as only those armed with accredited degrees in built environment will be able to manage, design, and deliver sustainable structures and habitats. and inclusive.

Why is it increasingly important to have a globally recognized degree?

Teaching quality: Accredited degrees ensure that students have the skills and experience to meet industry expectations after program completion. Additionally, the updated curriculum, contributions from industry experts, the right combination of assignments and assessments ensure that students are able to assimilate relevant knowledge and skills required by industry.

Licensed professional: After graduation, students have the opportunity to further their careers by enrolling as Trainee Members for the two-year period required to qualify for ‘MRICS’ (member of RICS or Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). Some international recruiters even make it a mandate to be an MRICS for a job in the built environment.

International experience and exposure: Students gain experience through a variety of avenues, including studying abroad for a semester, engaging in an international summer program, and participating in international traveling studios, to name a few. only a few. All of these platforms allow users to study and engage with other scholars and students, share knowledge, gain perspective, learn about international standards, and grow as individuals. Additionally, global accreditation means a program that is on par with leading construction and real estate programs offered worldwide by leading universities.

Overall employability: An internationally accredited program offers a great opportunity to gain employment anywhere in the world. Because these degrees are accredited based on globally practiced skills, students have many opportunities to work with global organizations at international locations. Accredited colleges not only ensure the correct delivery and assessment of knowledge but also the delivery of the right skills required for skills according to industry streams and professions.

With the support of many government initiatives to help the business, the projection that India’s real estate sector will potentially be worth 65,000 crore by 2040 is set to become a reality. Construction project managers, quantity surveyors, cost managers, appraisers, sales and marketing specialists, and other industry-ready individuals will be in high demand.

2022 should be an important year for the real estate sector. The residential sector is expected to experience capital value growth of 5%. This segment is experiencing momentum as new home buyers show a trend towards larger homes, better amenities and better prices. In the commercial segment, with return to work from the office being the dominant theme this year, demand for commercial properties is expected to grow, with a renewed focus on improving quality. The luxury housing market is also expected to grow this year. This is definitely a trend that will continue even for years to come.

This bodes well for built environment professionals, especially engineers, architects and urban planners, who have contributed to the positive transformation and success of the urban landscape. Without a doubt, a globally recognized degree in the built environment has the potential to revolutionize the industry and provide you with global employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. So stay ahead of the competition with a globally recognized degree under your arm.

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