40% of global blockchain talent have a master’s degree


Blockchain is one of the most attractive industries for job seekers, with high demand for skilled engineers and IT specialists. According to analysis by BanklessTimes.com, the industry is on a rapid upward trajectory, with 40% of blockchain talent having a master’s degree.

Speaking on the data, BanklessTimes CEO Jonathan Merry said:

Computer engineers and technicians are essential specialists

There is a significant skills gap in the global blockchain talent pool, especially in technical expertise. The blockchain industry has technological sophistication. Moreover, it is still in its infancy and needs competent technicians to develop the infrastructure. Thus, the sector’s demand for the most academically qualified technicians.

In job postings, the need for blockchain talent globally is highest for engineering talent, followed by demand for IT talent. This is followed closely by product management, marketing, and then human resources.

Changes in the Trajectory of Blockchain Technology

In 2021, the blockchain industry has proliferated. Due to global quantitative easing, the Bitcoin price hit a new all-time high of around $69,000. So put it on top 10 asset markets in the world and briefly pushing it past Tesla in seventh place.

The global blockchain the industry saw an almost 645% increase in fundraising in 2021. Additionally, there were more investment and fundraising events and $30.51 billion in publicly reported finances. The market is booming, with the emergence of new entrepreneurs and new industries.

The blockchain industry is highly competitive with many job seekers vying for a limited number of positions. As a result, employers seek out the best and the brightest in the field, with a strong preference for candidates with a master’s degree. It’s a trend we see at all levels in the blockchain industry, and it’s likely to continue as the industry grows.

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