As an active participant in the BNP Paribas Personal Finance group, Cetelem stands out from the rest of the banks by easily and securely granting loans for personal use, consumer loans and cards to individuals.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance exceeds 50 years of experience and is among the most important banking entities in Europe and France, it is found in more than 74 countries and currently has more than 27 million users. Cetelem

Cetelem began providing its services almost 30 years ago, in 1988. More than 1,200 employees make up the company and it has a number of users that exceeds 2 million.

It is a recognized entity in the field of business and a prominent partner in the best-known logistics and automotive companies, with 7,000 sales sites, 3,000 car dealerships and today, it also forms alliances with recognized brands in the electronic sector .

Cetelem: Pros and Cons

  • Cetelem Loan financing type: Loans without endorsement
  • Maximum Credit: $ 60,000
  • Minimum Credit: $ 6,000
  • Is first credit free and interest-free? NO
  • Do you have more offers? Cetelem card and hospitalization insurance with offers
  • Maximum term granted to you to return the money: 96 months
  • Minimum term for repayment: 12 months
  • Time it takes to give an answer: At the moment
  • How long does it take to have the money available: In 48 hours
  • Do you ask for payroll for the loan? YES
  • Do you ask for endorsement? NO
  • Will they deny the loan if I am in Credit Checker? YES
  • Can it be canceled early? YES
  • If you cancel, does it imply any expense or savings? No cost
  • Is there a possibility of an extension? NO
  • Means to receive the money: Transfer to our bank account
  • Means to return the money: Direct debit
  • Banks used to streamline procedures: Banco Santander and Bankia

Important information to keep in mind when requesting your Cetelem loan

Like the vast majority of banks, the pre-approval study is executed automatically; no Cetelem employee is part of the process.

Therefore, it may happen that the request is denied by Cetelem, despite having an impeccable loan history and having a fixed income.

In the unfortunate case of getting a negative response to your request, you can change the withdrawal period.

In addition, if your income comes from real estate rentals (see "rent" in the form to be completed) it is likely that it will be denied because you do not register any guarantee in case of default of payment.

You can increase your chances if you join a relative (if you live with your family and have no rental costs)

You must bear in mind that Cetelem asks you to have a salary of at least € 1,200 per month and to have an employment contract with no expiration date.

Extra information about Cetelem loans

Cetelem is a Spanish credit institution, so it is supervised by the Bank of that country.

It is regulated by the Advertising Code of Conduct of Autocontrol (Association for the Self-regulation of Commercial Communication).

Celetem Banco not only grants loans, you can also get insurance in case of mishaps, health problems, deaths, to name a few.

Banco Cetelem credits

Cetelem, provides loans to individuals that allow them to face any type of project, be it the purchase of a car, reforms in your home, leisure trips, university studies and events.

Particularities of the credits granted Cetelem

Min amount: € 4,000
Max amount: € 60,000
Reimbursement period: From 1 to 8 years
TIN Starting from 5.95%
APR Between 6.12% and 17.11%
  • In the event that the loans do not exceed € 10,000, the return may be completed within 5 years.
  • The total amount of your projects are financed by Cetelem, regardless of the nature of the project, from a party to a new car.

Cetelem loan repayment

You will have the option of returning your credit partially or totally, by means of a bank transfer or deposit in a Cetelem account for free.

When the payment is made, a text message will be sent confirming the success of the operation.

It is possible to change the day on which you pay your Cetelem credit, being able to choose between 5, 10 or 15 of each month. The modification will be approved only once a year, then it will be mandatory to request it again and it will not be valid if one of the receipts was not paid.

Requirements to acquire a Cetelem credit

  • Minimum age to request the loan: 18 years
  • Have an indefinite contract with an antiquity of 2 years, and receive monthly income greater than € 1,200.
  • Have a valid identification in United States.

Mandatory documentation to apply for a Cetelem loan

  • Copy of identity document or valid Resident Card (of all participating people).
  • Copy of a tax in your own name, such as electricity, telephone service, gas, mobile phone bill, etc.).
  • Copy of page number 1 of the bank book.
  • Sample of income for both the owner and the co-owner.
  • Copy of the 2 most recent pay stubs, in case of working as an employee.
  • Copy of the most recent personal income tax and copies of the last 2 quarters, in case of self-employment.
  • Documentation related to the pension, in case of being retired or receiving government aid.
  • Budget or any documentation that supports the project for which the loan is requested.

Credit cards granted by Cetelem

In case of requiring a loan that does not exceed € 3,000, you can request the Cetelem credit cards, Its characteristics are the following:

  • The rates are: TIN 20.28% and APR 22.27%
  • Purchases can be delayed for a maximum of 90 days with 2% interest, or up to semi-annually and annually with 3% interest. (The amount of the purchase or withdrawal should not be less than € 40. It does not include online purchases. The APR is from 5.78% to 12.77%.
  • 5% refund on all purchases in the form of revolving credit (maximum refund of € 20 per month)
  • Withdrawals: 4% (minimum amount € 3).
  • It is not necessary to change bank entity. Managed from start to finish through the Web or Cetelem application.
  • It has no initial or maintenance cost
  • Contactless Mastercard
  • Free coverage during your holidays and buyer protection.

It is possible to change the disbursement time for the dates 5, 10 or 15 corresponding to each month. The change will be admitted 1 time per semester, then it will be mandatory to request it again and it will not be valid if one of the receipts was not paid.

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