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It is a Spanish company that grants mini loans from € 100 to € 900 (if it is the first time you apply for a loan in Savso, the maximum granted is reduced to € 300).

With Savso, you will have the great advantage of being able to make the refund in fragmented weekly installments, having the possibility to choose between 13 or 26 weeks.


Savso: Benefits 

  1. Restitution of the amounts in extended periods increasing the comfort of your payments (from 90 to 180 days).
  2. Divided restitution in order to facilitate your compliance
  3. 72 hours free of additional charge arrival the opportunity to breach the quota-part stipulated in a given period.
  4. If you have applied for loans in Savso and fully met the required repayment fees, you are granted the benefits detailed below.

Special features of Savso credits

  • Savso Mini-credit financing type: Quick credits, Loans without payroll and without endorsement
  • The maximum credit is $ 900 if you are already a Savso customer.
  • Minimum credit: $ 100
  • The amount you can have in the first credit is $ 300.
  • The maximum term they grant you to return the money is 26 weeks and the minimum term for the return is 13 weeks.
  • You don't have to wait long to receive your money, Savso responds instantly if banks are shared (La Caixa) / 24h otherwise.
  • The Savso mini-credit can be canceled in advance and without extra costs.
  • There is also the possibility of an extension. The first 72 hours at no cost and $ 20 for unpaid installments.

savso ask for mini-credit

Requirements to obtain your Savso credit

  1. Do they accept you if you are unemployed? Yes
  2. Do they accept you if you are a pensioner? YES
  3. Maximum age to request the loan: 65 years
  4. Minimum age to request the loan: 18 years
  5. More requirements they ask for: Regular and demonstrable income
  6. Will they deny the loan if I am in Credit Checker? NO
  7. Have a bank account, card and telephone
  8. Means to receive the money: Bank transfer
  9. Means to return the money: Charge on debit / credit card
  10. Banks that use to streamline procedures: La Caixa

The credits are granted only to Spanish residents who have verifiable habitual earnings (whether salary, financial aid, government unemployment aid or similar).

It will be possible to admit Credit Checker if it is not a finance company and the debt is maximum € 500.

University students, military workers or residents of Melia, Canarias or Ceuta are not allowed.

Savso method of operation

Applying for loans through Savso is super simple and agile

  1. Enter your preferred amount and compliance period. You can choose between 3 months (13 weeks) or 6 months (26 weeks)
  2. The agreed amount of periodic compliance can be reviewed.
  3. Complete the grid with your identity information
  4. Log in through the Pich Verify site: choose your bank and can manage your service remotely from a PC or Smartphone.
  5. Savso will contact you by text message or email if it has been approved.
  6. Confirm the clauses through your online signature
  7. Savso will complete the transaction in less than 15 minutes.

Savso will contact you during business hours (between Monday and Friday 9am to 7pm) in order to check information.

Documentation requested by Savso

You have the option of choosing automatic confirmation with which it will not be necessary to attach documentation.

Otherwise, if you prefer to do it manually, you have the option of sending us an email attaching the request. However, we clarify that it is the least convenient way since the procedure will be delayed, having to wait for a response for a maximum of 1 day.

  • Identification, either passport (including both sides and in color) or ID.
  • Document from your bank where it can be seen that the account is in your name.
  • Double last salary or proof of usual income
  • Loan repayment

The refund of the credit will be made to the same bank account selected at the time of registration.

The payment of your credit will be debited weekly automatically.

You will pay the first payment after a week from the authorization of your credit.

The next installments will be charged once a week, depending on the day the number one installment has been paid (even if it is a holiday)

Penalties for non-payment within Savso

Savso grants 72 hours free of costs in order to complete your payment. Comply with your payment within 72 hours without receiving additional surcharge.

After 72 hours, you will be charged € 20 repeatedly during each iteration that Savos tests to receive a refund

The limit of unpaid periodic amounts is up to 4 installments, with € 20 being the individual amount per installment.

Reaching 5 unpaid installments, your identity will be taken under the status of debtor having to go to court,

Additional information about Savso credits

Savso is part of the Fintech and Insurtech organization, based in United States, for which it is regulated by it and guarantees an ethical and fair service.

On the other hand, Savso has a totally secure payment process Geo Trust, backed by SSL certification, guaranteeing full security and customer protection.

In 2018, Savso began using the automatic approval system through Pich Verify, so customers can get an answer instantly.

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