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If this is the first time you are hearing about N26 Bank, you may be wondering

If you have not heard of N26 Bank, you will surely wonder what it is. N26 is a mobile bank (it used to be called Number26). Absolutely all banking transactions can be managed through your website or app.

N26 Bank GmbH , known simply as N26, is located in Germany, although it provides its services in almost 20 European countries. It plans to expand to the UK and the US very soon. It is made up of more than 300 workers and provides its services to 1 million users.

This mobile bank began to function very recently, in 2017. Currently, it offers the possibility of making payments through the use of its simple mobile app, as well as, it allows you to make withdrawals without additional cost with your card and transfer money quickly among N26 Bank users.

The greatest benefit is the ease and speed to open your bank account, it will take you only 8 minutes, making a video call and without having to deal with processes related to your documentation.

N26 is a Fintech neobank that obtained its banking license 3 years ago, after obtaining the license it changed its name from Number26 to N26 . With the opening of your bank account in N26, an IBAN from a German bank will be granted and up to € 100,000 of your money will be protected by the German guarantee fund.

N26 started offering IBAN from United States

N26 launched the Spanish Iban on the market.

Accounts that have had an opening date after April 24, 2019, will have a United States account with an IBAN from that country. It should be noted that the guarantee fund will continue to be from Germany.

By having a Spanish IBAN, it will be possible to use your address to collect salaries and receipts, and also pay subscriptions without any inconvenience.

Another advantage is that the transfers you make to your N26 bank account will not be considered international.

In case you have an account open before this change, N26 will inform you about this and you can choose whether you want to change to an account with a Spanish IBAN or keep the German one.

Pros of N26 Bank

Against N26 Bank

It has a disadvantage:

  • Cards are shipped slowly, sometimes taking more than a month.

Mobile bank account N26

The N26 Bank account is exclusively intended to be used on mobile phones, websites or tablets.

The N24 app works quickly and can be used by people without extensive technological knowledge, since it is intuitive and simple.

It stands out from other banks because it offers the possibility of using it through mobile phones, downloading its App or from your laptop or tablet.

The N26 checking account does not require direct debit of your salary, although you have the possibility to do so if you wish.

Both the N26 Bank account and the debit card provided have no additional cost. You do not have to pay anything for the issuance of your card, even the cost of postal mail is borne by N26.

🚩 Transfers to different countries can only be made using TransferWise.

ATM withdrawals

  • Accounts with a maximum of 5 monthly withdrawals in US dollars at no cost.
  • After the first 5 a month, withdrawals will be charged € 2
  • Withdrawals made with different types of currency will have an extra cost of 1.7% calculated based on the amount extracted.

N26 Black and N26 Metal

Optionally, you can pay an additional cost and get an upgrade.

  • N26 Black: It has a cost per month of € 9.90 (includes travel insurance, theft, customer protection insurance and MasterCard World card).
  • N26 Metal: It has a cost per month of € 16.90 (includes the same benefits as N26 Black, insurance packages and offers).

If you are not a person who takes a lot of trips, we do not recommend paying an extra amount every month. There are other cards that offer free insurance and deals.

Otherwise, if you are constantly traveling, we consider it convenient to pay the monthly fee for obtaining N26 Black or N26 Metal, since you will have insurance and also, you will save a large amount of money when buying in other exchange currencies.

N26 Business and Business Black

If you are self-employed then N26 Business is the perfect account for you. With it, you can have two accounts, one personal and one for your business.

On the other hand, a refund of up to 0.10% of your purchases made will be granted.

Requirements for the use of N26

To be a N26 user, you must have a good credit history and your credit score must be low.

You will only have to provide a document that supports your identity, either ID or passport, in order to complete the online verification.

Technical requirements: iOS 9 / Android 4.4 or higher.

Steps to open your N26 account

If you want to start opening your N26 account, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill in the application with your personal information.
  2. Choose to verify your identity by photo or video.
  3. Upload a clear photo of your passport to the N26 APP using IDnow. Make sure to upload a good quality photo to avoid rejection.
  4. If you choose to upload a video to the N26 application, record your video following the instructions of the IDnow APP. This mode is enabled between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.)
  5. When they finish completing your application, they will send your MasterCard card, which you can link to your N26 account from the application.

Important: It is necessary to make a deposit within the next 2 months from the opening.


  • The first 5 monthly withdrawals in US dollars are at no additional cost. Then € 2 will be charged per extraction.
  • Withdrawals in a currency other than the US dollar: 1.7% of the withdrawal amount.
  • Withdrawals made with different types of currency will have an extra cost of 1.7% calculated based on the amount extracted.
  • Rejection of payment due to insufficient funds: € 3.
  • Notice to remember your payments: € 3 per reminder.
  • Financial information: € 25.
  • Overdrawn: TIN from 8.9%.
  • Card replacement due to theft or loss: € 6.
  • N26 Metal card replacement: € 60.
  • Advance of an amount that does not exceed € 500 in cash in case of emergencies (Service available only for N26 Black): € 130.
  • Risk report request: € 15 + bank expenses.

Additional Information

N26 accounts are protected by German bank law, in mid-2016, Bank GmbH, an entity that is part of N26, was granted a license from the European Central Bank, also known as American Central Bank.

Accounts that have had an opening date after April 24, 2019, will have a United States account with an IBAN from that country. In case you have an account open before the change is effective, N26 will inform you about this and you can choose if you want to change your IBAN from Germany to Spanish.

Remember that in case of maintaining the IBAN for Germany, if you have an amount greater than € 50,000, being a foreign bank account, it is mandatory to notify the Treasury when making the income statement.

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