Carrefour VisaPass provides free debit and credit cards associated with Carrefour.

Your VisaPass card can be used in 12 thousand Carrefour branches throughout the world.

VisaPass has a number that exceeds one and a half million users.


How VisaPass works

The Carrefour VisaPass card gives you the possibility of making money withdrawals at any Carrefour branch or at different businesses. Besides, you can choose between several ways to pay for your purchases and it offers exclusive discounts.

VisaPass is obtained free of charge, with no need for maintenance or other costs.

The VisaPass card will allow you to pay for your purchases at Carrefour and also to buy at any merchant within your country and around the world.

On the other hand, with your VisaPass debit card you can make withdrawals at all ATMs.

Special features of VisaPass Carrefour

  • Completely free service, with no issuance or maintenance costs
  • APR of 21.99% and TIN of 20.04%
  • You can get loans of up to € 3,000.
  • Refund of purchases up to 8%.
  • You can choose to pay for your purchases instantly, at the end of the month or in installments.
  • It is not necessary to purchase insurance.

Advantages of the VisaPass card

Carrefour VisaPass mobile application

Through the VisaPass app you will have the possibility to observe all your transfers and carry out all transactions.

You can pay directly using your mobile phone, postpone payment terms, check your payment and receive notifications.

As if this were not enough, both the holder and the person who has an additional VisaPass card will be able to enter the account in the application.

If you have Iphone Android 4.4 or a more updated version, you can get the APP.

Refund of purchases

With VisaPass you get an important benefit, a percentage of your purchases is refunded:

  • 1% refunded of all your purchases, regardless of whether the purchase was made at Carrefour or a different store.
  • 1% reimbursed for Carrefour trips.
  • 4% refunded of gasoline loads at Cepsa or Carrefour.
  • 5% refunded for home and car insurance purchases.
  • A maximum refund of 5% on payments made to Orange.
  • 7% refund on Cepsa electricity and gas payments.
  • A maximum refund of 8% in electricity payments made at EDP.
  • A maximum reimbursement of 8% on gas payments made at EDP.

Steps to request your Carrefour VisaPass card

You can purchase your VisaPass card at Carrefour branches or through their website. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Complete the application with your personal information.
  2. Complete the data related to your current employment and economic status.
  3. VisaPass will verify that the data provided is valid.
  4. Then, Carrefour will send, by postal mail, your VisaPass card ready to be used.

Telephone inquiries to VisaPass

If you have questions or would like to know more about the Carrefour VisaPass card, contact the Carrefour customer service number: 91 834 34 00

Documentation to present when you request your VisaPass

  • Valid identity document or Residence Card.
  • Bank statement showing the account number and name.
  • Proof of earnings, whether it is a paycheck, pension, government aid, rental income, among others.

Easy Pay

With VisaPass you can pay for all your purchases in installments or in full. You can choose between the following three payment options:

Debit: Cash

The purchases made will be discounted the day after.

Credit: Cash at the end of the month

Purchases made will be paid for at the end of each month (the VisaPass card closing date is the 2nd of each month). You will not pay interest.

Credit: Installment modality

You can delay the payment of your purchases, choosing how much you want to pay monthly. The monthly fee has a minimum amount of € 15. In case of choosing this modality, you must pay an interest equal to 21.99% APR.

Financing with VisaPass at Carrefour

With your VisaPass card you can access a convenient financing of your purchases in Carrefour shopping centers, you can choose to delay the cancellation of the payment, paying 3 or 10 months without paying any interest.

  • Payment in 3 months: Applicable for all purchases with a minimum amount of € 90 and a maximum of € 200.
  • Payment in 10 months: Applicable for all acquisitions with a minimum amount of € 210 and € 2.00 maximum. In this case, you must pay the formalization cost equal to € 10, the first payment of € 30 and 9 payments of € 20. The minimum APR is 1.10%.

If you want to postpone your payment without paying interest, it is necessary to contact

Carrefour at its branches, by phone or by email.

Payments abroad with VisaPass

With VisaPass you can also pay for your purchases outside your country, although it has a surcharge for different commissions for the passage to another exchange rate.

We do not recommend VisaPass if you are a regular traveler.

Credits granted by VisaPass

With your VisaPass, you can obtain credits in an agile way. In less than 2 days you will have a maximum of € 3,000 ready to be used. Interest starts at 4% calculated on the amount of the loan.

It is possible to require a personal credit with a minimum amount of € 3,000 and a maximum of € 30,000, with a repayment time of up to 7 years (APR greater than or equal to 26.18%).

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