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Paydaynow is a financial service that allows you to obtain loans that do not exceed € 500, through its website or in person by approaching one of its branches.

For new clients, the amount of the Paydaynow loan must be less than € 300 and you will have the benefit of obtaining it without interest with an APR of 0%.

With Paydaynow you don't have to worry about receiving surprises, it is completely transparent and ethical. Applying for your credit is very simple, requests are accepted in a maximum of 8 minutes, without having to upload documentation or files.

Paydaynow is the only financial institution that grants amounts of up to € 500 in cash and directly. After your credit is approved, you can choose between two options to receive your loan:

  • Wire transfer
  • Withdraw cash at Cash Converters stores

Paydaynow: Amounts, payment times and commissions

Type of financing of Paydaynow Mini-credit: Quick credits, Loans without payroll and without endorsement.

  • When requesting your first credit you can get up to € 300 without commissions.
  • The first Paydaynow mini-credit is free and interest-free.
  • The refund times vary between 5 days and 30 days.
  • The time it takes to give an answer is at the moment.
  • To use the money if you go to the physical store, you will receive the mini-credit instantly. 8 minutes (Santander bank) - 24 / 48h (other banks)
  • The following Paydaynow credits can be at least € 50 and a maximum of € 500, with interest that depends on the amount requested and the repayment time. For example, a credit of € 100 for 1 month, has interest of € 35, that is, the APR is 3.752%
  • Credit can be canceled early.
  • If you cancel, you will only pay for the days you have used the money.
  • With Paydaynow there is an extension and if they request it, what expenses do you have? $ 300/7 days (€ 24.50), 15 days (€ 52.50), 30 days (€ 105)

Requirements to request your Paydaynow credit

  • Be over 18 and under 75.
  • Be a Spanish resident.
  • Have an account in a Spanish bank in your name.
  • Receive constant income that is in the range of € 400 and € 600 (what is required varies from your credit history). The earnings can be salaries, pensions or government aid.
  • Receive Credit Checker, in case of default in Credit Checker the amount cannot exceed € 150.
  • Receive minimum regular income between € 400 and € 600 (it will depend on your credit history). The income may be a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit.

How Paydaynow works

The steps to follow are simple, in less than 10 minutes you can finish your application:

  • Choose the amount and time of repayment.
  • Fill in the application with your information.
  • Check your information by comparing it with your home banking.
  • Paydaynow will send you a text or email message confirming if your request has been approved.
  • You can sign the contract virtually through a code sent by text message.
  • The accreditation of your Paydaynow loans will be effective on the day it has been approved. Although if you do not have a bank account in Santander, it may take 1 to 2 days.

Dineo loan

Documentation requested to receive a loan with Paydaynow

Paydaynow has the instantor platform to carry out online checks, so you will get the answer about your approval in minutes.

It is a very reliable platform and used by a large number of banks. In just a few minutes, Paydaynow checks if you meet the requirements for the loan.

You can choose to send the required documentation by email:

  • Scanning of both sides of your ID (in color)
  • Profit sample.
  • Copy of a bank report to prove that the account is in your name.

Remember that by choosing this option, the process will take longer.

Paydaynow loan repayment

Paydaynow allows you to return the credit in advance for free, you will only have to pay the interest received until the time of the refund, so the sooner you repay your Paydaynow loan, the less expensive the interest will be. It does not allow fragmented prepayment.

You can make the refund by:

  • Debit
  • Bank transfer using Trustly
  • Deposit into Banco Santander account. Remember to indicate the loan number and ID in the concept of income.
  • Paying directly in cash at any Paydaynow CashConverters branch. You can find the location of their 77 branches in United States on their website.

Late withdrawals

In case of not being able to make the refund of the Paydaynow credit on time, you can postpone the original date of return.

To postpone it, you must first contact Paydaynow and record the new withdrawal date.

Paydaynow will establish the deferral cost that you must pay in person at its branches, through its website in the Money user area by pressing "pay" or by bank transfer.

Costs imposed by Paydaynow due to late payment or non-payment

If the refund has not been made on the established date and a request for postponement has not been reported, you will have to pay two commissions:

  • 25% calculated on the amount of your Paydaynow credit.
  • 1.4% calculated on the amount of your Paydaynow credit for each day of default, the maximum being 1 month.

If the month is past due, Paydaynow will not cancel the credit, being able to send your information to the delinquency records Credit CheckerEquífax and / or Experian / Badexcug.

Additional Information

  • Communicating with Paydaynow is very simple, you can choose to consult through its website, in the branches and if you are not a new customer, by telephone communication.
  • Paydaynow is associated with Credit Checker (Spanish Association of Financial Establishments).
  • Paydaynow is certified by the online commerce trust seal.
  • It is part of AEMIP (Spanish Association of good practices of Microloans)
  • It has the SSL certificate, so your data will remain encrypted and protected

Reasons why we recommend choosing Paydaynow

  • You can get your first loan of up to € 300 without paying interest or commissions, then you can request up to € 500.
  • You can make the payment of your Paydaynow credit with up to a month.
  • The loan will be granted in less than 8 minutes.
  • Allows the use of Credit Checker.

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