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Information of Mini-credit Ibercredito

On this page you will find in a summarized way all the information you are looking for about Mini-credit Ibercredito . It is legit? Is a gotcha? Do you have a good reputation? Here we are going to tell you everything.

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  1. Type of financing of Mini- credit Ibercredito: Quick credits
  2. Maximum Credit: $ 800
  3. Minimum Credit: $ 50
  4. Amount you can have in the first credit: $ 300
  5. Is first credit free and interest-free? NO
  6. Do you have more offers? NO
  7. Maximum term granted to you to return the money: 30 days
  8. Minimum term for return: 7 days
  9. Time it takes to give an answer: 15 minutes
  10. How long does it take to have the money available: Less than an hour
  11. Do you ask for payroll for the loan? YES
  12. Do you ask for endorsement? NO
  13. Will they deny the loan if I am in Credit Checker? YES
  14. Do you give business credits? Do not specify
  15. Do you give credits for freelancers? Do not specify
  16. Do they accept you if you are unemployed? Do not specify
  17. Do they accept you if you are a pensioner? Do not specify
  18. Maximum age to request the loan:
  19. Minimum age to request the loan: More than 21 years
  20. More requirements asking: NO
  21. Can Instantor be used to validate data? null
  22. Can it be canceled early? YES
  23. If you cancel, does it imply any expense or savings? NO
  24. Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
  25. If there is an extension, what expenses do you have? YES
  26. Do you have a web simulator? YES
  27. Does the simulator include the costs of requesting the loan? YES
  28. Does the simulator include extra expenses as extensions?
  29. Means to receive the money: Bank transfer
  30. Can it be received with Hal Cash?
  31. Means to return the money: With your credit card or by bank transfer
  32. Banks that use to streamline procedures: Bankinter, Sabadell, Ibercaja, Santander, ING Direct

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