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What is Contante?

Contante is one of the platforms par excellence that people use when they are in financial trouble to try to alleviate their situation as quickly as possible.

Of course, no matter how planned the expenses of the month or the week may be, we are always subject to unforeseen events that may disrupt your budget, so it is always good to have a platform like Contante on hand for this type of trouble. .

Requirements to apply for a loan in Contante

The first requirement to fulfill is to reside in the United States and be between 18 and 70 years old.

Likewise, the applicant must have demonstrable monthly income, although it is not necessary to have a payroll to be able to access a loan, you must not have a salary bonus to request a loan, even with unemployment insurance you can apply.

Finally, you must have a mobile phone in your name, an email, a Spanish bank account in your name in which the deposit will be made, as well as a debit card linked to said account.

Contante also gives loans to people listed in Credit Checker

In the terms and conditions of the page it is made clear that appearing in Credit Checker is not a major impediment to not being able to qualify for a loan on the platform.

However, all cases are studied by the team on an individual and special basis, in order to determine the viability of the loan, the reliability of the applicant and other variants that may affect the operation.

Contante allows you to apply for cash loans

To request an urgent cash loan you must enter the page through an electronic device that has an internet connection.

Once inside, the first thing you will have to choose in the application form is the amount of money you need, followed by the term in which you stipulate you will be able to pay the loan in particular.

After being satisfied with the previous point, the next step is to provide your personal and contact information, so that Contante can notify you of the status of your loan, send the money to your account or resolve any other pertinent questions.

Finally, the page system will start the process of verifying your data, a situation that will only take a few seconds, thanks to the verification software that currently exists on the internet.

Remember that all the information you provide at the time of making the loan must be 100% true, otherwise the application will be canceled immediately.

Your application can be approved in just a few minutes with Contante

After one of the members of the Contante team analyzes your case, within a period of no more than 15 minutes, you will be ready to know the verdict of the page regarding your request.

If your request is approved, you will receive a message in your email inbox, as well as a text message on your mobile phone in which you must indicate if you are sure to take the loan process for granted.

Finally, after a maximum of two hours, you will be able to have the requested money, either by sending it to your bank account or through the Hal Cash system.

Hal Cash is a service that allows you to transfer the money approved by Contante in the loan and send it to the nearest ATM, so that you can withdraw the cash and dispose of it as quickly as possible, without explanations.

As an advantage, you can trust that Hal Cash will not abandon you at any time of the day, since it works 24 hours a day, being a fairly reliable method to obtain money very quickly, with thousands of ATMs attached to the service.

Contante's interest rate competes with the lowest in the market

The interest rate is 1% for each day of the loan, the final amount may vary depending on the term you have chosen to pay or any specific delay.

If the interests generate doubts, remember that before requesting your loan you will be able to observe all the conditions in the application form, so all the information will be in front of you without any type of filter or deception.

Specifically, each extension or delay will cost you 20 us dollars every day, so we recommend that you plan the date of replacement of the money quite well, so that you do not have to incur a higher expense due to lateness.

Without much else to say, it only remains to highlight that the speed and reliability of the Contante service, combined with the advantage of the Hal Cash service, make this platform at the top of the leaders of this vast slang, do not hesitate to use it if you need it.

Summary of the loans Contante

  • Type of financing of Cash Mini- Credit : Quick loans, Loans without payroll, Credits without papers
  • Maximum Credit: $ 1,000
  • Minimum Credit: $ 50
  • Amount you can have in the first credit: $ 300
  • Is first credit free and interest-free? YES
  • Maximum term granted to you to return the money: 30 days
  • Minimum term for return: 1 day
  • Time it takes to give an answer: Minutes
  • Will they deny the loan if I am in Credit Checker? YES
  • Can it be canceled early? YES
  • If you cancel, does it imply any expense or savings? You will only pay what you have enjoyed
  • Is there a possibility of an extension? YES
  • Means to return the money: Debit card, transfer