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currency-now Have you had an emergency and you don't have the necessary money? With Monedo Now you can get up to € 5,000 and pay it in comfortable monthly installments. Monedo Now is a company in the financial sector that was created with the purpose of providing flexible solutions to people with a sudden or unforeseen monetary need, with a completely online system. Monedo Now gives you the opportunity to request from € 750 to € 5,000, which you can pay within a period of up to 36 months.

When we talk about transparency and flexibility, Monedo Now definitely stands out, because it is part of the Kreditech Group, a company based in Germany that operates in more than 40 countries and with thousands of clients around the world. The global expansion of this financial group is due to the quality of their financial solutions and the effectiveness with which they have adapted traditional banking to the modern world. Did you want to find an entity that would adapt its products to your personal needs? Currency Now is the one. Below we give you all the details to request an urgent loan and the main advantages of this portal.

Steps to request an urgent loan of up to € 5,000 with Monedo Now

The urgent personal loans of Monedo Now are aimed at all those people who live in United States, be at least 18 years old, have a valid and current identity document, and a bank account with which you have access to your online banking. It is also essential that you have a computer, mobile or tablet with which you can access the Monedo Now registration form.

To request a loan in Monedo Now there are a series of requirements that we must meet. The information that you are going to ask us for is the following:

  • An e-mail address
  • Access to our online bank account
  • A functional and active mobile phone
  • Identity verification with the Sofort platform
  • Color copy of the DNI / NIE (in jpg, png, pdf format, among others)

If you have all these documents then you will be able to request from € 750 to € 5,000.

Follow the steps that we will give you below to do it:

  1. Enter the Monedo Now portal through the button above
  2. Press the button that says "apply for your loan"
  3. Choose the amount and the amount you want to pay per month using the simulator. For example: € 750 to be paid in installments of € 150. Then, click on "request" to continue
  4. Put your personal data in the form. These are first name, last name, identification number, email and phone number.
  5. Connect to your online bank account to enjoy an offer on your loan and finally send the request.
  6. Wait a few minutes while the Monedo Now system evaluates your information and processes the request
  7. The entity will notify you if the request was approved or rejected

Something that is important to know about the operation of Monedo Now is that, if the loan application is approved, they will send you a personalized loan offer that you can modify to your liking. That is, you can adjust the quantity and duration of the offer according to your needs. Select the date of the first payment as it suits you, check that your payment plan is in order and save all the changes.

Once the loan application has been approved, all you have to do is select the method by which you want to receive your money. Monedo Now recommends that you enable the recurring payments option so that you make sure you pay your installments on time and automatically. You have to confirm the loan offer by signing your contract and verify your identity by making a refundable transfer of 1 us dollar. Finally, you must upload a copy of your identity document.

It's that quick and easy, in just a matter of minutes, you will have the money in your account and you can use the loan granted by Monedo Now for that unforeseen expense that you were so worried about. Remember that depending on the bank you use, the transfer of money may take a little longer. This delay does not correspond to Monedo Now, but to the policies of the bank.

Advantages of requesting a loan with Monedo Now

One of the advantages of Monedo Now that stands out the most from the competition is the amounts they handle and the speed with which they process requests. Being able to obtain up to 5,000 us dollars in less than 10 minutes really shows how effective this entity is in granting urgent loans. Another aspect that highlights the convenience of using Monedo Now is the possibility of choosing the amounts of the monthly installments. In this way, the user can choose an amount that he knows he is able to pay and thus not be late with payments.

If you need more than € 1,000, we believe that Monedo Now is one of the best alternatives you can take, because most other lenders grant an estimated € 300 maximum for new customers, which, clearly, is a much lower amount who runs this company. Its innovative technology makes data processing much faster, and thanks to its security measures, we have the necessary guarantees to confirm that all information is protected. In addition to all this, Monedo Now handles transparent fees with a minimum APR of 60.10% and a maximum of 197.15%, it is listed in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, volume 33452, book 0, page 51, section 8, page M602129 and flexibility to repay the loan between 6 and 36 months.

For all these reasons, we invite you to apply for your credit with Monedo Now and enjoy all the advantages that this experienced financial institution has.

Currency Now loan summary

Remember that the information that appears on the Monedo Now Loan page itself will always prevail

  1. Financing type of Monedo Now Loan : Loans without collateral, Loans without payroll, Credits without papers
  2. Maximum Credit: $ 5,000
  3. Minimum Credit: $ 750
  4. Amount you can use in the first credit: $ 5,000
  5. Maximum term granted to you to return the money: 36 months
  6. Minimum term for the return: 6 months
  7. Time it takes to give an answer: Minutes
  8. Minimum age to request the loan: 18 years

We hope this information about Loan Monedo Now has been helpful to you.

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